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Did You Know This Little Known Secret To Fight For Your Purpose So You Live The Life God Intended? Only $27 For A Limited Time!

It's time to unleash the power of purpose with the Fight For Your Purpose Bundle today!

What Is This Bundle About?

Are you like how I was, constantly wanting to live the right path, constantly wanting to get clear on your purpose, and wanting to discover the details of God's purpose for your life so you know which way to go?

Well, now the solution is here - an incredible Fight For Your #Purpose Bundle where you can discover God's purpose for your life, understand what it is you're supposed to be doing and get the clarity you need to shine your light boldly without being afraid of failure! 

It'll all be in your AMAZING Fight For Your #Purpose Bundle!  This incredible online video course that teaches you how to live your purpose includes:

  • Module 1 - What's Your Purpose?
  • Module 2 - Write Down Your Goal
  • Module 3 - Create Your Mission Statement
  • Module 4 - Create Your Vision Statement
  • Module 5 - Define Your Core Values
  • Module 6 - Create Your Affirmation Statement
  • Module 7 - Conduct A SWOT Analysis
  • Module 8 - Research Strategies
  • Module 9 - Choose Your Strategy
  • Module 10 - Confirm Your Strategy
  • Module 11 - Create An Action Plan
  • Module 12 - Execute Your Strategy

How To Get Started

Ever find yourself wanting to know how to get started living your purpose? The Fight For Your #Purpose Bundle is PERFECT because you'll get to (1) discover God's greatest purpose for your life, (2) believe it's possible and (3) take action on it every day so you can stop feeling distractions and live your purpose for Christ! 

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Here's What Other People Are Saying:

You've been a total blessing to me ... I wouldn't be doing any of this if I hadn't found you online. - Jade Ford

Listening to your messages gives me the motivation to continue with creating a brighter future for myself. - Denia Herrera

Words cant describe how grateful I am for you. I've said this already and I'll say it again. You rock my socks! Thank you for being an answered prayer. - Jadine Louissaint 

Ready To Fight For Your God-Given Purpose? 

It's Time To Shine Your Light Boldly & Ignite Your Purpose

Introducing the Godlywood Girl Fight For Your #Purpose Bundle - an incredible digital course, eBook + workbook where you can (1) find God's purpose for your life, (2) believe that it's possible and (3) take action to make it happen each day.

Here's What You'll Get From This Amazing Fight For Your #Purpose Bundle:

  • Live Your #Legend Video Bootcamp (Digital) - This 12 module video Bootcamp takes you step by step through finding your God-given purpose so you can shine your light bright! Delivered to you as an on-demand online course, you'll finally have the steps you need to get clarity on what God created you to do. 
  • Live Your #Legend Digital Workbook - The Fight For Your Purpose Bundle includes digital worksheets so you can APPLY what you learned in one convenient workbook. Download the workbook to your computer, print out the pages and fill out your answers so you're empowered to fight for your purpose. 
  • Unleash Your #Legend eBook - In this engaging and uplifting daily devotional, I help you discover  God’s purpose for your life through the mastery of Biblical principles that point you towards the passions, gifts, and talents God has already given you. 
  • Pray In Your #Legend eBook - Read this simple 7-day prayer warrior’s guide to confirming your purpose in Christ! This daily devotional is FIRE for every woman seeking to confirm her purpose in Christ because not only does it lead you step-by-step in how to ask God to confirm it, but it also deepens your prayer life, teaches you how to praise the Lord, and unleashes the power of your faith.


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