[WAITING LIST] Genesis Kyrie | Inspirational Romance Novel (Fiction)

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Genesis Kyrie is 50 Shades Of Grey goes to church. If you like inspirational romance novels that share the Gospel of Christ, feature diverse characters AND tell a story of purpose at the same time, then this fiction romance novel is for you! 

About The Novel:

Genesis Kyrie, a single Christian virgin in South Florida, finds her world turned upside down when she discovers her best friend Aiden is actually a practicing dom in BDSM. As a woman who feels completely unfulfilled in her corporate job as a graphic designer, Genesis starts exploring the world of BDSM to figure out if she can finally awaken her true purpose within her. But when she finds herself falling in love with Aiden, a man who isn’t a Christian and definitely isn’t a virgin, the confusion of her feelings forces her to confront who God truly purposed her to be once and for all. Will Genesis maintain her purity for the Lord even as she deals with her desire for Aiden? Or will she be able to finally step into her purpose once and for all?