Pray In Your Legend Daily Devotional (Printed Book + eBook)

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This Daily Devotional For Women Reveals How To Confirm God’s Purpose For Your Life – Without Uncertainty and Fear.

This Daily Devotional Reveals Our Formula To Confirm Your Chosen Path is the Right Direction – Even If You’re Starting From Scratch.  

Do you ever wonder whether or not your life is going the right direction? Are you unsure if your chosen career is the path God wants you to take? 

Do you struggle to commit to one goal or dream because you’re not really sure if this is what God wants you to be doing?  I Totally Understand.

It’s tough to commit to one solid path in life when you’re not really sure it’s the direction you should be going.  But guess what?

It’s Possible to Be Certain About Your Purpose In Life – Even If You’re Starting From Scratch.

You could go out and take countless career assessment tests and get advice from industry experts and read EVERY book ever written on committing to your goals,


Read this simple 7 day prayer warrior’s guide to confirming your purpose in Christ!    This daily devotional is FIRE for every woman seeking to confirm her purpose in Christ because not only does it lead you step-by-step in how to ask God to confirm it, but it also deepens your prayer life, teaches you how to praise the Lord, and unleashes the power of your faith.

Here’s just a LITTLE of what you’ll discover… 

  • How to ask God to confirm your purpose

  • Bible verses where God promises to bless you and prosper you

  • Prayers to guide you in seeking God’s answers

  • Journal exercises to notate God’s revelations in your life

  • Praise scriptures for you to worship God

  • And a whole lot more

Here is the Real Proof

Look, don’t take my word for it. Our devotionals work, and these notes I’ve received from our happy readers will prove it to you.

Take a look for yourself…

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Why it works

After you’ve completed the free What’s Your Purpose daily devotional so you can discover your passion in life, the Pray In Your Legend Daily Devotional helps you ask God to confirm the direction He wants you to move in.

God promises to answer whatever you ask for in prayer.  And by making sure you align with Christ:

    • You can be confident knowing the God of this world has your back

    • You can rest assure that you’re doing the right thing

    • You can know you’re living your legend in Christ

    • You can build a legacy of success for your children. 


As a bonus for getting started on your journey to victory, you'll also receive:

  • Our exclusive Godlywood Girl Visionboard downloadable file
  • Our Godlywood Girl Affirmations Workbook, a 7-page easy-to-use PDF guide to creating your own daily affirmations with colorful, printable worksheets to inspire you to think big about the vision you have for your life. 

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