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Hey sis!  It’s Steph Rodnez here, founder of GodlywoodGirl.com, and I have a question for you:

Are you struggling to figure out how to use Facebook to get people to care about your products and services?

Do you find it difficult understanding how to use Facebook Ads to sell you products?
Do you find yourself constantly posting and sharing, liking and commenting, only to see your content end up like crickets because you just have no clue how to use Facebook to make money in your business?

Sis, I TOTALLY understand.

When I first started using Facebook to grow my business in 2014, I had no idea what I was doing. I kept posting and sharing my products and services, but I wasn’t seeing ANY sales in my business.
I remember my first business post like it was yesterday.  I had just self-published my brand new novel “Youth Of Christ” on Amazon, so I figured if I just shared the link on my newsfeed, my friends and family would start buying it like crazy.

But after posting the announcement on Facebook that my book was available on Amazon.com -
2 hours later…


NO ONE had even liked the post, let alone clicked through to buy the book on Amazon.
I remember calling up one of my sisters and asking her if she’d seen the post on her Facebook feed. “Nope,” she said.  “I haven’t seen anything, and I’ve been on Facebook for the past 3 hours.”
I was shocked. 
Why was Facebook hiding my post from people who normally saw everything that I posted?
After doing a little research on Google and YouTube, the answer was clear to me. Facebook wasn’t showing the post to others because my post had a link to Amazon.
Womp womp womp.

So then I decided to try using Facebook Ads.

I figured if Facebook wasn’t going to organically show my post to my friends, then I could just put a little money behind the post and that way Facebook would HAVE to show the post to other people.
I went into the Facebook Ad manager, created my first ad, and patiently waited.

And after $100 in Facebook Ad spend -

While the post did get a few likes, comments and shares, NO ONE had purchased the book on Amazon.
So my second business post was a womp womp womp too.

Frustrated, overwhelmed and a little bit sick at having wasted $100 of hard earned money- 

I finally did what I should have done in the first place, and I invested in a Facebook Ads course.

It was the Facebook Fan Page Academy by Brian Moran, and that course cost me a cool $1200.

I took the course, implemented the steps, and made my first sale on Facebook.

Then my second.
And a third.
Over and over and over again.
And now all praise to God, every single one of my Facebook posts bring me leads in my business.
And guess what?

I want to teach you how to do the EXACT same thing.

And that’s I created the “Slay Your Facebook Marketing Masterclass,” a step-by-step 90-minute class teaching you how to BOSS your Facebook marketing strategy so you get leads into your business every single day.


How to do Facebook Marketing Masterclass


Finally, you’ll know EXACTLY how to use Facebook to make sales in your business.

You’ll finally know what strategies actually work and what strategies you can just ignore.

Finally, you’ll understand how to use Facebook ads in a way that leads to SALES, not crickets.

You’ll finally stop feeling frustrated with Facebook and have the confidence of being a boss marketing that makes Facebook work for YOU.

With the Slay Your Facebook Marketing Masterclass, you’ll receive access to my 90-minute online class that walks you step-by-step through using Facebook to get people to care about the products and services you offer in your business, including:

  • Section 1: How Facebook Works
  • Section 2: How To Use Facebook To Make Sales In Your Business
  • Section 3: How To Create Content For Facebook
  • Section 4: How To Use Facebook Live To Grow Your Business
  • Section 5: How To Use Facebook Pages To Grow Your Business
  • Section 6: How To Use Facebook Groups To Grow Your Business
  • Section 7: How To Use Facebook Ads To Grow Your Business
  • Section 8: How To Use Facebook Pixels To Grow Your Business
  • And so much more!

The reality is that there is SO MUCH free information out there about Facebook, and it’s literally impossible to tell what information actually works and what doesn’t.
And as someone still working a 9-5 job while building your business, I know you don’t have all the time in the world to waste sifting through all the random information out there, trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.
In my brand new Slay Your Facebook Marketing Masterclass, you’re going to learn EXACTLY how I’ve used Facebook to earn thousands of dollars in my business, and how you can do the EXACT same thing so the spare time you have is spent using Facebook in a way that brings leads into your business.
And in addition to the Slay Your Facebook Marketing Masterclass- 

I’ve also got some really cool bonuses for you that will help you apply this information like a BOSS, including:


  • Slay Your Facebook Page Cheat sheet ($17 Value)
  • Slay Your Facebook Group Cheat sheet ($17)
  • Livestream Tutorial + Workbook ($97 Value)
  • Facebook Ad Tutorial + Workbook ($97 Value) 

Sis, products like these are worth literally THOUSANDS of dollars in the online marketplace.  I should know, as the first 3 classes I took to learn Facebook Ads cost me over $3500 combined, not to mention the cost of hiring a Facebook Ads expert to personally train you how to do run Facebook marketing campaigns effectively.

But I’m not charging thousands of dollars for this masterclass.

Or even $500.
Or even $$250.
Or even $125!
Sis, you’ll get the ENTIRE Slay Your Facebook Marketing Masterclass Bundle, including:

  • Slay Your Facebook Marketing Masterclass (Live Class + Replay) ($194 Value)
  • Facebook Marketing Digital Workbook ($27 Value)
  • Slay Your Facebook Page Cheat sheet ($17 Value)
  • Slay Your Facebook Group Cheat sheet ($17)
  • Livestream Tutorial + Workbook ($97 Value)
  • Facebook Ad Tutorial + Workbook ($97 Value)
  • Total Value: $476


ALL of that –
For just a one-time payment of $197.

And as a bonus, you’ll also get an eBook copy of my book How To Make A Sales Funnel That Earns Money While You Sleep so you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how I monetize my Facebook audience every single day.


So don’t hesitate. 

Click the add to cart button and grab your bundle so I can send you a access to the Slay Your Facebook Marketing Masterclass Bundle today.

Thank you so much for your time; here’s to the greatest Facebook Marketing Strategy ever!
Stephanie (Godlywood Girl) Rodnez