Hi, I’m Stephanie Rodnez, CEO of Godlywood Girl and self-proclaimed Purposepologist, and I help women of Christ step into their God-given purpose as faith-based entrepreneurs.

Hey sis! Welcome to Godlywood Girl.

The mission of Godlywood Girl is to help women of Christ get unstuck, stop feeling frustrated, and start living their God-given purpose as Christian entrepreneurs.

If you feel God calling you to write that book, start that t-shirt business, or finally launch your faith-based business online –

Then Godlywood Girl is here to serve you.

You see, I knew since the age of six that I was supposed to have my own business.

But by the time I was 25-years-old, I failed at my first business as a faith-based filmmaker, and the experience left me feeling stuck, depressed and completely hopeless at achieving my goals.


But a video by Dr. Eric Thomas (ET, where that book at?) woke my purpose back up. Through one YouTube video from ET Inspires, I realized that the power of social media could literally help someone get back to being who God purposed them to be.

And that’s how Godlywood Girl was born.

Through books, films, online courses, live bootcamps and digital media and entertainment, Godlywood Girl is here to help you birth your God-given purpose as a Christian entrepreneur.

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