Today's Daily Devotional for Women - Enjoy Serving the Lord

Today's Daily Devotional for Women - Enjoy Serving the Lord

Bible Verse of the Day

Psalms 37:4-5 4 Enjoy serving the Lord, and he will give you whatever you ask for. 5 Depend on the Lord. Trust in him, and he will help you.


Every single person on this earth was created to do something divine and unique for Christ. We are each made to fill a certain role for the Kingdom. And it feels so good when we fill it.  

Living God's passion for your life is like feeling a little tingle of excitement right in the pit of your belly. The sun shines on your face and you smile at its warmth, knowing that God has great things in store for not only your life but the life of everybody He uses you to inspire. 

There's a purpose greater than anything you've ever imagined that's just waiting for you to step into it. It doesn't matter who says you're not enough. God made you enough. And you have everything you need right there inside of you to get started. 

Because you're the chosen daughter of a Risen King. That makes you royalty. That gives you the right to all the great things this earth has to offer. Say yes to God. Say yes to the passion He put inside of you. Say yes to achieving His purpose for your life. 

You are made to do abundantly great things. Stop playing small. 

Start igniting your light.


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