Today's Daily Devotional For Women - You Will Have Life to The Full!

Bible Verse of the Day

John 10:10: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”


Discouragement is heartbreaking. Feeling like a failure is the quickest way to having a dream deferred.

But the worst feeling… The feeling that is responsible for each and every time I’ve quit on a goal in the past few years:


That realization that no matter how hard you worked, no matter how much effort you put in, no matter how much planning and strategizing and brain storming you did, things STILL didn’t work out the way you wanted them to.

And as a result of disappointment, many women simply quit on their dreams and pivot to something a little “easier” to accomplish.
This is the work of the enemy.

Making us feel like we’ve failed and filling us with disappointment so we drift off God’s divine path for our lives and instead start doing things the enemy’s way. With bitterness and half effort and fear.

But God PROMISES in John 10:10 that He came for you to HAVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST! The enemy will do everything possible to stop your progress, but don’t let him get away with it!

There is a reason that plan didn’t work out; there is a reason that strategy didn’t give you the results you wanted.

God has a PURPOSE in every challenging situation you face, so instead of feeling disappointment, find the lesson in the defeat! Find the golden nugget of information that you can apply to the next step of success so you reach that finish line.

No enemy is going to get in your way. No enemy can hold you down. Jesus Christ has given you LIFE and life ABUNDANTLY! Keep moving towards your destiny and believe in God’s promise that you will have life and have it to the full.

Why We Publish Daily Devotionals

Growing your faith with a daily devotional will make you more of a person and live a purposeful life each and every single day. You might unknown where the path will lead you however with faith, you are ensured to live a significant life with Him. The river itself is not specific of the instructions it will take as the storm may detour its course without knowing.

It is no simple task to be devoted every day but it actually makes your faith even more powerful. Fill your mind with the realities in the Bible and secure all your feelings with an excellent impact of God's words.

It is commonly a rewarding sensation to carry out daily devotional while practicing meditation and reading His holy book. Following the word of God is satisfying and will certainly deepen your relationship with Him.

By disclosing Himself to you, you seek and follow Him and you'll understand the He always keeps all His promise to you. It helps in increasing your confidence through God's loyalty. Whatever kind of situation which you may have today, you'll understand that you can successfully solved it with His presence. All your concerns will dissolve and transform it into cheerful minutes with your family and friends.

Growing your faith with a daily devotional will certainly make you more of a person and live a purposeful life every single day. You might not know where the path will certainly lead you however with faith, you are ensured to live a meaningful life with Him. It is no basic task to be devoted every day however it in fact makes your faith even more powerful. Even if it's difficult to deal with the barriers on your way, with a daily devotional, you can overcome it no matter what. Invest your energy and time in developing a greater foundation of faith with His words.

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