Today's Daily Devotional For Women - Look Straight Ahead

Today's Daily Devotional For Women - Look Straight Ahead

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Bible Verse of the Day

Proverbs 4:25 - Look straight ahead, and fix your eyes on what lies before you.

Today’s Daily Devotional for Women

Achieving success is going to take a single minded focus from you that is determined to ignore the distractions clawing to take you off your path.

Every time a distraction knocks you down, get back up, fix your eyes on the passion God placed inside you, and start moving forward.

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As you walk, there will be plenty of distractions trying to take you off your path. There will be plenty of challenges and obstacles seeking to drag you from your journey.

But if you fix your eyes on Christ before you and have a single minded focus on getting done the next step towards achieving your legend in Christ, you will reach the finish line.

Right now in this moment, stop letting that distraction get in your way. It’s a ploy by the enemy meant to kill your dream, meant to take you from becoming the Creator God intended you to be.

But here’s the secret. You’re in charge of the influence that distraction has in your life. You get to choose whether or not that distraction is holding you down, or whether you use it as momentum to rise up.

Do what you can as you can for as long as God puts breath in your body. You are made for greatness, and no distraction can take that away from you.

Godlywood Girl Daily Affirmation Statement


Dear Jesus,

Thank You for creating me for greatness. I pray for the strength to resist the distractions trying to take me off Your path of divine purpose.

In Jesus’ Name I pray,



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