Today's Daily Devotional for Women - The Power of the Tongue

Today's Daily Devotional for Women - The Power of the Tongue

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Proverbs 18:21 -  Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.

Today’s Daily Devotional for Women

God has created you with a purpose.  It’s that passion deep within you, that dream you think is impossible but a dream none-the-less.

Two things will happen with that purpose. You will either give life to it. Or you will bury it in an early grave.

Death and life both come from your tongue.

Click here to get your daily devotionalSuccess and greatness is brought to life from the thoughts you think about yourself. It manifests from the words you speak and the thoughts you think.

No one can control the thoughts that come into their head.  But you can control how long you dwell on them.

If you consciously monitor the thoughts that drift in your head, you will be empowered to breathe life into the passion God called you to live.

If the thought breathes life to your success and your destiny, then allow your mind to dwell on it.

If your thought brings death to your possibility and your blessing, then make the conscious choice to stop focusing on that negativity and force your thoughts to instead focus on the possibility of your dream becoming true.

The battle for your purpose to live is in your mind. No longer say “I want to become successful.” Now state with conviction “I will be successful.” 

No longer think “I hope I make it someday.” Think with conviction “I will make it.”

Because you are made for greatness. The battle starts in your mind.


Godlywood Girl Daily Affirmation Statement


Dear Jesus,

Thank You for designing me for a divine purpose. I pray for the strength to consciously choose my thoughts so I can breathe life into the purpose You’ve given me and bear the fruit of success.

In Jesus’ Name I pray,



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