Free Resource - Legend of Success Assessment

Free Resource - Legend of Success Assessment

For a daily devotional written for millennial women of faith that will help you identify your passion, define your life purpose and create a strategy to make that purpose happen, check out the Unleash Your Legend daily devotional for women by clicking this link.

Godlywood Girl’s goal is to empower your dreams and inspire your faith so you can unleash your legend in Christ and be the woman God destined you to be.  Every woman on this earth who follows the name of Christ is the chosen daughter of a Risen King -- and that makes her royalty.

But often times the worries of this world trick us into believing that we aren't meant for the greatness God intended us for. Some of us stay trapped in that worry, some of us manage to claw through after a long hard struggle.  But the majority will always question whether or not we should stay in the weeds or rise up to the sky.

Godlywood Girl exists to empower every woman of faith to achieve her dreams while living her faith out loud! We believe that as the chosen daughters of a Risen King, every woman – no matter what her age, race, creed or culture – has a RIGHT to live her legacy in Christ! 

Do you believe that too? Do you know that you are created to become a legend? And no matter how hard the fight, every single battle scar will someday lead to victory?

If you're not sure, we've created the "Legend of Success" assessment you can use to find out where you are in pursuing your life goals. Are you trapped in the weeds? Or are you on the verge of crawling through? Have you made it up to the clouds yet? Are you approaching the stars?

Take a few minutes to download the assessment and take the next step towards living your passion. Grab your Legend of Success assessment HERE.

And remember sister of Christ:


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