How do we know we're worthy of success?

How do we know we're worthy of success?

People have been telling me I’m not worthy of success for as long as I’ve desired it. When I was just entering young adulthood didn’t let those words bother me. Because I’ve always known that success has nothing to do with what other people think I deserve. Success is all about what God has intended for me. It’s about how hard I work to get it. And I don’t have to wait until somebody else decides whether or not I’ve paid my dues.   This is God’s purpose for my life.   And I get to live it loud just like the next guy.

So I didn’t listen to what other people said I deserved. I instead started my own company. And by the time I was 22 years old, I’d released my own film. It was like the coolest thing ever.  

Then I made a really bad business decision. Once that almost bankrupt me and almost bankrupt my entire company. And after that… My wings sort of deflated. And I thought to myself, maybe all “those” people were right. Maybe I’m not capable of doing the things I always dreamed of doing. I got really depressed and I stopped going to church and I stopped reading my Bible.

And then one day, I went to Bible study group. My youth pastor played a video that literally changed my life. It was a video by E.T. Thomas. Success – how bad do you want it?

That video was my aha moment. That video inspired me to get my passion back, to get my motivation back, to go after the life I knew God intended me to live. I realized that one video, one message, one inspirational speaker could change the way a person lives. And that’s when Godlywood Girl was born. Godlywood Girl is a motivational resource company that inspires women of faith to go after their dreams while living their faith out loud. Because we believe that every woman, no matter what her age, race, creed, culture, whatever, has the right to achieve her legend in Christ.

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