POSITIVE THINKING MEANING (What Is Positive Thinking & Why Is It Important?) || HOW TO

POSITIVE THINKING MEANING (What Is Positive Thinking & Why Is It Important?) || HOW TO


POSITIVE THINKING MEANING (What Is Positive Thinking & Why Is It Important?) || HOW TO

written by Stephanie Rodnez 


POSITIVE THINKING MEANING (What Is Positive Thinking & Why Is It Important?) || HOW TO ➡️Get my free "Find Your Purpose" Toolkit here ⬇️ https://www.purposegift.com/findyourpurposekit


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About 5 years ago, I made a REALLY bad business decision that literally sank me into a depression so deep, I couldn’t escape from it. I constantly had panic attacks, I couldn’t see the good in ANY situation…

Have you ever felt that way?

Yeah, me too.

But what’s interesting about that time, I was still achieving goals. I was still getting promotions at work and attending events and meeting new people.

But I wasn’t thinking positive.  I wasn't putting even an ounce of energy towards living my God-given purpose.

It’s a myth to think positive thinking happens as a result of external circumstances.  

Positive thinking is a CHOICE you make, day in and day out, to see that your purpose is possible.

And that's exactly what this week's video tutorial shows you how to do.

Tip #1 - Understand positive thinking is a CHOICE you make.

Myth - Many people think positive thinking is the RESULT of something external, like “if I go to this event, I’ll think positive.  Or if I achieve that goal, I’ll think positive.”

That couldn’t be further from the truth.  

It’s a myth to think positive thinking happens as a result of external circumstances.  Happiness may happen as a result of other stuff - but that’s just a temporary emotion.  Motivation may happen as a result of external circumstances - that’s also a temporary emotion.

But positive thinking - no.  That’s a CHOICE you make, day in and day out, to see that your purpose is possible.

Remember, in last week’s video, I explained how positive thinking actually refers to your ability to believe you can successfully achieve your purpose, the goal or dream God placed on your heart.

So you have to make the CHOICE to say "YES, I believe that through Christ, I can do all things."

The dictionary defines a “choice” as “an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.”

The two choices you have are: 

  1. I believe I can do this.
  2. Or I don’t believe I can do this.

Either way - you’re going to be right.  Remember the power of positivity is activated through the words you speak. You literally create your reality by the words you say.

That’s the power God put inside you when He created you (to learn more about that concept, make sure you watch my last tutorial that explains this with scripture.)

You have to CHOOSE which option will be yours.

I choose that I can do this.

And when I made that choice, all of a sudden I was producing new books and hosting webinars and doing live streams and actively marketing what God gave me to do.

And now here I am running Godlywood Girl full time.

The truth is that you choose to think positive. It’s not done to you, or for you. It’s a choice you make every single minute, second, day, week, month and year.  It’s a choice you make to constantly believe you can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens you  - including living your purpose.

So to take action on this step, ask yourself: what choice have you made to believe you can successfully do this?  Write it down in the comments below.

Tip #2 - Minimize your exposure to negative influences.

It’s a myth to think our external environment doesn’t affect the way we think.  I remember when I used to watch all of these DEPRESSING shows on cable, like The First 48, Deadly Women, Deadline: Crime, Evil Twins, and pretty much anything on ID Discovery.

And I didn’t realize it at the time - but it was during that same 2 years after I made that bad business decision and almost went bankrupt, that I would watch these shows in bulk.  Over and over again.

The more pain there was in the show, the more I wanted to watch it.

This wasn't just on TV, this happened in my personal life as well. If I had friends who had it all together and were super happy and bubbly all the time, I felt like I had nothing in common with them, and I didn’t want to particularly hang out with them anymore.

But the friends who had a lot of pain, who had a lot of hurt, who had negative thoughts and complained all the time - those were the friends I gravitated to.

So I would spend all my time in a toxic environment talking about pain, hurt and toxic energy.

And I truly believe that’s what kept me in that depression for so long.

Until the lightbulb moment came.

My husband took me to Bible study, and Pastor Joshua Fequiere played a video by Dr. Eric Thomas that literally SHIFTED my life.  It was the "You Owe You" video and it unleashed the power of positivity within me.

My positive outlook - that power I’d tapped into since I was a little girl - but let go of when I made the bad business decision -

All of a sudden, it was woken up. It was like - "Yo, I’ve been hibernating, but I'm ready."

I went home and watched almost every single video Dr. Eric Thomas had on his YouTube channel.

Day in, day out, during work, on my commute, when I was at home - I had my headphones in and I was listening to all this positive, powerful energy that was speaking my success.

God used Dr. Eric Thomas to bring me back to the power God gave me - which was to speak my purpose.

So I started speaking it. And now here I am running my company as a result.

You can’t spend your time listening to music that’s degrading and depressing and painful. You can’t spend all your time reading books about pain and hurt and failure.

You can’t stay in the company of people who see only bad, and never good.

Because that effects your ability to speak your power of positivity. 

You have to feed yourself words, affirmations, television, books, friends and music that speak life unto you, not death. That speak healing into you, not pain. That speaks success over you, not failure.


I haven’t watched a show on Investigation Discovery in years. 

I don’t read murder books anymore.

I don’t spend all my time with friends who gossip anymore.

Now, I talk to girls who have dreams bigger than I do. And when I’m feeling down, they speak life into me, and when they’re feeling down, I speak life into them.

That’s the choice you have to make, to not allow that negativity to seep into your mind ever gain.

And for those of you who have negative family members, I understand, and I’ll talk about that in my next tip.  But here’s what you have to do. Get some headphones, and put them over your ears, and feed yourself.

Watch the videos on my Godlywood Girl YouTube channel. Watch the videos on Dr. Eric Thomas’ channel. Watch Steven Furtick and Bishop T.D. Jakes and Joyce Meyers and Priscilla Shirer.  These speakers will SPEAK God’s power into you - your true purpose. 

To take action -

Make a list of the resources you’ll use each day when you need to feed yourself motivation.  For me, my list includes Dr. Eric Thomas’ “You Owe You” video. It’s the video that changed my life and it’s my go to when I need to get back to my purpose.

Make a list, keep it handy, and use it as often as humanly possible.

Comment below and let me know your #1 go-to resource for feeding yourself positivity.

Tip #3 - Find Your Happy Place.

A lot of times when we find ourselves in a negative state of mind, it’s a myth to think we can just break ourselves out of it. What’s more accurate is that we have to physically MOVE form the negative space, and into a positive one.

Like me - when I went to church, I physically left the dark living room that I was in, and went to the bright, positive fellowship hall where I saw that video by Dr. Eric Thomas that changed my life.  I shifted my environment.

And it’s so funny, because when I think back to when I was a kid, I did this same thing but didn’t realize it at the time. I remember i had a MASSIVE fight with one of my sisters, and I was just feeling so down and bad about myself.

So at 13 years old, I got on my bicycle and went to the park. It was a beautiful space, and I remembered that I only had positive memories there. I liked getting on the swing set and just kicking my legs for hours, swinging. It felt like I was flying, like I was free.

So I left the house and I went to the park, I played the song “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera in my headphones over and over again, and I just cried for a while.

But after about 40 minutes, I started getting my strength back, my power back, my strength to believe I was a good person and that I could achieve everything God placed in my heart.

And it shifted me. It changed me.

Getting out of the house and into a positive place CHANGED me, and helped me make the choice to believe in myself again, to believe that through Christ, I could do anything. 

So I went home, and got back to work.

And that concept still applies today.

Find that place where you feel serenity, where you feel peace, where your spirit feels liberated.  Find that place - and maybe you can’t stay there. Maybe it’s a Starbucks where you made your first deal, maybe its church service, maybe it’s the classroom where you got your first A -

Wherever it is -

Identify that place. And when you need to get out of the negativity surrounding you, go to that place, pop in your headphones, and play one of those resources you identified in step 2.

Do this as often as you need - you are created to do ALL THING though Christ who strengthens you.

Believe it.

Because you’re absolutely amazing.


So to recap, the 3 steps to think positive are:

  1. Understand positivity is a choice
  2. Minimize your exposure to negative influences
  3. Find your happy place.

And bonus - if you don’t already know what your God-given purpose is, you don’t have a clear vision of the dream God placed on your heart - make sure you grab my FREE 5-Day Activate your purpose challenge by going to PurposeLegend.com.



Want to know what positive thinking means?  If you ever say to yourself, “what is positive thinking for Christians?,” this video will show you positive thinking meaning from the Word of God.  You’ll know the meaning of positive thinking from a Christian perspective, and all the best tips on positive thinking meaning.   


If you’re looking for examples of positive thinking meaning so you know how to think positively about yourself, this “positive thinking meaning” video and will help you learn how to be positive minded.  Sis, this video will show you everything you need to know if you’ve ever wondered what positive thinking meaning is from a Christian perspective.


Next time you’re looking for positive thinking meaning or positive thinking Bible examples, you’ll be set up with the best positive thinking meaning video (and how to think more positive) to help you answer this question.



4 Major Points If You Ever Wondered About “Positive Thinking Meaning”:


Tip #1: God cannot be mocked. You will ALWAYS reap what you sow.

Tip #2: There is power in your WORDS, but the word of God says your WORDS come from your THOUGHTS.

Tip #3.  You can choose what you dwell on.



Watch the video and next time when you wonder “how to find your purpose and passion in life,” you’ll be set up with the best how to find your passion test (and find your passion quotes) to help you answer this question.





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