T SHIRT MARKETING STRATEGIES (POWERFUL Instagram Marketing Tips For Clothing Brands) || HOW TO

T SHIRT MARKETING STRATEGIES (POWERFUL Instagram Marketing Tips For Clothing Brands) || HOW TO

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T Shirt Marketing Strategies (POWERFUL Instagram Marketing Tips For Clothing Brands) || HOW TO

Want to learn about t shirt marketing strategies? If you want to know how to market your tshirt business and need amazing t shirt marketing strategies to help you do it, this video will show you my t shirt marketing strategies for a Christian t shirt business online. You’ll know my t shirt marketing strategies, and all the best tips for marketing a Christian tshirts business so you can start selling shirts online.


written by
Stephanie Rodnez, Author, Filmmaker & Purposeologist


Hey sis,

It's Stephanie Rodnez here, founder and CEO of Godlywood Girl and creator of the Godlywood Girl School Of Business, and if you want to learn powerful t-shirt marketing strategies then stay tuned to til the end of this article because I'm going to show you four powerful Instagram marketing strategies to take your t-shirt business marketing to the very next level.

I'm super excited to bring you part four of my 4-Part "Launch Your T-Shirt Business Series." If you missed blog post number #1 about the launch your t-shirt business plan PDF, you can read that article here. 


Strategy #1 - Wear Your T-Shirt On Instagram Live

Marketing strategy number one is to wear your t-shirt on an Instagram live stream. Now, this is going to sound so crazy, but I had no idea how effective it is to wear your shirt while you're teaching content about something else. People will DM you and be like, "Yo, that shirt was hot. Where can I get it?" That's exactly what happened with my James 1:25 "Blessed" T-Shirt (click here to grab yours).

The James 1:25 "Blessed" T-Shirt is one of the very brand-new shirts that I released here at Godlywood Girl, and all I did was I got on livestream to read the Bible, and all of a sudden, all these comments started to come in, "Hey, where can I get that shirt?

And I didn't even mention the shirt during the livestream!

So get on livestream and teach a valuable topic that has something to do with the purpose of your shirt collection.

Strategy #2 - Post Quote Photos Of You Wearing The Shirt

Powerful marketing strategy number two is to give yourself a little photo shoot and post motivational quotes wearing your shirt. You know how on Instagram sometimes you'll see somebody inside of an image with a quote next to them?Wear your t-shirt in "Quotable" images and let those quotes impact people as they become aware of your shirt.

You can even post inside of your description of the post and say, "Hey, brand-new t-shirt collection! Use discount code ABC by going to my website at this link." It's a great way to organically market your shirt, show how fabulous it looks and still be adding value to your consumer's life.

Strategy #3 - Influencer Marketing

Instagram marketing strategy number three is one of my favorites, and it's to have influencers promote your shirt. Influencer marketing is one of the best-kept secrets for smaller entrepreneurs.

Big brands know all about influencer marketing and have been deploying this strategy for years. But for some reason, solo-preneurs like us kind of forget that influencer marketing is a really effective thing and it doesn't have to be costly.

I know one brand that has over a million followers and all they charge is $125 for a post (which is a steal). So for me, I just take a photo of my shirt, send it to the influencer and pay them to post it.

If you don't want to pay anything, something else you can do is send a sample of your shirt to influencers inside of your industry. The only thing is that if you're sending PR, there's no guarantee the influencer will post about your shirt or when they'll post.  That's why I prefer to pay an influencer rather than send PR.

But either way, influencer marketing is a great way to promote your t-shirt collection because the influencer has already built a following of people who they love and who love them back. And if you've done a good job designing your t-shirt to fit your audience, then it'll be a great way to see how the audience responds to your design.  Comment below and let me know, have you ever tried influencer marketing, and if no, tell me why not?

Strategy #4 - A Fashion Haul

And finally, powerful Instagram marketing tip number four is to do a fashion haul. We've all seen fashion hauls on YouTube, right? It's when somebody goes in and they buy a bunch of stuff and come on screen to explain to you what the shirt is and how it looks on and what they can pair with and how they can style it.

Do the same exact thing on Instagram. Instagram live is a real thing, sis. You can do your own haul right here on Instagram live. Show off your shirt, show off how you pair it together with earrings, with necklaces, with bracelets, how you accessorize it, what kind of shirts you can go in, with the fabric, the material, the fit - all that good stuff.

Give all those delicious, beautiful details to your audience, and when you're done, save the livestream to your phone and upload it to YouTube as its own fashion haul video. So you get two for the price of one.

Fashion hauls are such a great way to market your t-shirt collection. Don't be afraid to be your own model. I know one young lady who's like, "Oh, I need the money to pay all these models," and I was like, "No, you don't. Be your own model."

You are the best salesperson for your t-shirt collection because you know the purpose behind it, the meaning behind it, the heart and the soul and the research that went behind it. You are your best spokesperson, so make sure you take on those shirts, you put them on, you do a fashion haul and you show off the beauty of your shirt.


The Next Step

    Now I hope you enjoyed the four steps on using Instagram to market your t-shirt collection. But let me ask you, do you dream of launching your own t-shirt business the way that God purposed you to do it, but you're not sure where to start?

    Sis, I completely understand. When I first wanted to launch my own t-shirt business, I actually went to local printers in my area that was so expensive, it almost made me quit on my dream of having a t-shirt line.

    I decided maybe I'll try printing my own shirts, but let me tell you, having all of that equipment piled up in your house is awful.

    So I did research online and I found out about Print on Demand services, and I realized there's literally a way to be able to print shirts only when someone buys a shirt from you.  There's no inventory, there's no shipping, there's no printing on my part. All I need to do was design, set up and market my shirts, and the print on demand service took care of the rest.

    If you want to do the same thing, I have a brand-new masterclass called the Launch Your T-Shirt Business Masterclass where I walk you step-by-step through launching your very own t-shirt business the way that God purposed you to do it. You can learn more about the masterclass by clicking here.

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    Thanks so much for reading, and Jesus willing I'll see you in the next article.


    Stephanie (Godlywood Girl) Rodnez





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