PLACEIT LOGO || How To Use Placeit To Create A Logo For Your Christian T-Shirt Business

PLACEIT LOGO || How To Use Placeit To Create A Logo For Your Christian T-Shirt Business

PLACEIT LOGO (2019) || How To Use Placeit To Create A Logo For Your Christian T-Shirt Business

written by Stephanie Rodnez


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Hey gorgeous, welcome back to the Godlywoodgirl YouTube channel and in this video, I am really excited to show you how to create a logo using So the first thing you're going to do is sign up for your account on PlaceIt. So let me do file new incognito window, you can go to And then right up here, you're going to click sign up so you can sign up for free. They don't charge you money just to create an account so you can sign up for free and then go ahead and create your assets. And then if there are things that you like, go ahead and upgrade to a paid plan or you can pay per download. It's totally up to you. So you just click Sign up, and then you'll enter in your email a password, and then go ahead and read these privacy policy terms and conditions. And make sure you hit this capital thing. I don't know how you say that and then go ahead and click Sign up. So I already have my account, and I'm already logged in. So to create a logo on PlaceIt for your t- shirt business or for your business in general, you're going to go right over here to where it says logos. So, right up here, on the top, more left side of the screen, go ahead and click logos

So what's really cool about place it is that it gives you so many different types of logos that you can create, they'll let you play around with it. Let's say that I'm going to make a logo for Stephanie Rodnez. So I'm going to put in Stephanie Rodnez as the brand name and you're going to click next. Now remember, you can only have 20 characters for the actual brand name. Then, they're going to ask you to pick an industry because they're going to give you tons of different options for your logo, but they want it to be as tailor made to your brand as possible. So you really want to take the time to take a look at all of these different industries that they have and choose one that fits the best for you. So you can do all and take a look at all of them. That's the first option right here logos all. But let's say that I am doing a t- shirt business under the Stephanie Rodnez brand. So I'll just go ahead and click clothing brands. And click let's go. And now what's so cool is they're going to give you a tone of different options. Look how good these look sis, like, look how good these look. And then if you go up here at the very top where it says make a logo for your clothing brand, you can readjust the words if you if you think there's something better that you want to use. You can readjust the actual industry here, the power, you can readjust the colors.

So you guys know I absolutely adore pink. But say I want the first color to be pink. And then you guys know with Godlywoodgirl, I kind of like an off black type of gray. So let's say I want those to be my colors. And you don't have to just do that you can actually click more and you can put in the hex code for yourself. Brand colors as well for those of you guys who are graphic designers, you guys will probably know your hex code for your code, you can be printing the exact hex code for your brand, which is really cool. And then here you can actually choose a graphics specific to what you actually like. So if you're not feeling the ones that they gave you and you want to add a different one, you can actually scroll through all of this and choose graphic, how cool is that?

For now, I'm just going to scroll through, this is understand the coding brand logo maker. I actually really like this. I like how clean it is. Um, this one's also very, very clean. Very, very nice. This was such a cute little elephant, kid’s t- shirt logo maker. So I'm just gonna scroll through see if we find something that we really like, look how many pages that they give us. They give us so many different pages. How insane is that? Oh, that's really cute. Like there's a whole shirt with that one. Oh, there's an S. There are so many different options. You can be here all day! So give yourself a timer. Like I have to choose within 15 minutes that you're not here all day long. And this is why you want to also select the type of industry because if you put all, you will probably have at least 4000 different options, which you may like that for me, I do get overwhelmed.

Oh, these shoes are absolutely adorable. I'm going to take this one. I know I should keep I just wanted to show you guys like all the different options that they have. But those shoes are so cute. Oh my goodness. And I can have like a nice little custom made sneakers company. So I'm going to select this one here. So when you see one that you like, you just select it. And now it's going to allow you to really, really tailor make this logo to what you like, okay? It's pretty cool. So look at all these different options for sneakers that they have. So I don't quite love these I can actually pick different types of sneakers here. It's endless. It's absolutely endless. And if I wanted to, I could switch those out, get a different type of sneaker. Like these are super cute right here. And if you like it, you just select it. And then I'll add it to the screen so you can take a look at it. So the accent color, right, so let's say I want the accent color to be the same pink that I chose for my actual logo. So I would just click that and change that color. The main color this light gray, let's say I want to make that gray color that I chose for my logo, I would just click back there. How cute is that? So to change these, like this was a Stephanie Rodnez spot shoe store. Over here on the left, you'll see where it says Stephanie Rodnez that's the first line and then spot that's the second line and then shoe store. So if I wanted to change this to Stephanie Rodnez sneakers and then change this to collection 

Right, so that could be my Stephanie Rodnez Sneaker collection logo. So we actually take off the “s” there. And that's not all you can modify. Let's say that I want the sneaker to be my gray color, I just click this here, go over to that gray color. Isn’t that gorgeous? And let's say that I want for the fonts, the maybe these aren't my fonts, maybe I want it to match more my brand fonts. So I can actually go through and click on the font that matches my brand font. So let's say audio wide is my brand font. I'll change it there. And let's say that my sub font, so the font that I use for my subtitles and things like that is a different one. Let me see if there's like a rotor, there is no rotor but this railway is looking nice. Whoo hoo! And I'm going to keep the Open Sans. So that's what I've read. Really nice looking logo right there. But that's still not all that you can do. So this right here, the secret is on top and the words on the bottom, but I can actually make it to the left by clicking over here layout, click the left one, and then I can have it over here, I can actually make it to the right.

Not cool. I can make it into twines. Like that, which is really cute. Wow. Or I can go back to the original, which is actually my favorite. So if you wanted to put a background, I actually don't recommend putting backgrounds when you're designing because if you're going to put this on a t- shirt, let's say I wanted to put this logo on a white t- shirt. If I put a background it's going to print with the white t shirt. So I like keeping my backgrounds transparent. But if you did want to do one, you can go over here and you can put these backgrounds you can just select them. You can select the colors that you want. Let's say I wanted to pop against the yellow, that's actually really, really pretty and will print really nice. But again, I prefer not having a background. So I'm going to remove that right over here to remove it, you come back on again, and you're going to click this little transparent box here. It's like a little grid, and that'll remove it. All right, so you can do all that customization sis, a ton of customization. And when you're ready, what you can do is go head up here, and you're going to either pay $39 to download this as a transparent image, or you can sign up for unlimited subscription. So the unlimited subscription is $19.95 per month, or $100 per year, which comes down to just $8 and 33 cents per year. Now if you have a t- shirt business and you're constantly promoting it, and creating new assets for like new Facebook ads, new video links, new mock ups, this might be a really good investment for you. For me, I don't sell t shirts as my primary form of business. I'm a writer, I sell books as my primary form of business.

So for me, this kind of investment doesn't make sense because I barely, I rarely ever use this. But if t -shirts are your primary form of making money in your business, this might be a really, really good investment for you that pays for itself over and over again. Or if you're like me, and you just need the one off design, like the only like I come on to place it maybe once or twice, three times a year to do stuff. So I would just pay off the one off right here and just click download. And then you can go ahead and download it for $39 and that is a single purchase. Okay? So that's how you go ahead and if I was going to buy it, I would click here. It's going to be no watermark, high resolution PNG, which is what I want 4000 by 4000. So it'll sit beautifully on a t- shirt design, which is great commercial use. Okay, that's perfect. That means you can actually sell it. That's it. Perfect, so that's what I would do.

So that's how you use to create a logo for your T shirt business or for your business in general. It's a really, really great option to design your own logo and it allows you to really play with it before you choose what your final look is going to be. Just when you do go ahead and make sure you save it. Okay, so you can come back to it just in case you need to make any modifications or changes later on. You don't have to start from scratch, you will actually have your image saved. So this is, I hope you really enjoyed this video, comment below. Let me know what video you would like to see next. And if you're not already subscribed to the guide to our YouTube channel, make sure you hit that subscribe button. My goal for this channel is for it to be the number one resource for every woman of faith wants to live her greatest purpose for Christ as a Christian entrepreneur. So if that's you go ahead and hit that subscribe button and God Willing I will see you here at Godlywoodgirl.







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A complete VIDEO guide on PLACEIT LOGOS (How To Use Placeit To Create Logos For Your Christian T-Shirt Business).


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Learning how to use Placeit logo to create logos for your Christian t-shirt business can be overwhelming, but in order to get where you want to go in life, there are only a few tips you need to know.  What are the tips on using PLACEIT LOGO to create logos for your own Christian t-shirt business?


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