T SHIRT MARKETING STRATEGIES (POWERFUL Instagram Marketing Tips For Clothing Brands)

T SHIRT MARKETING STRATEGIES (POWERFUL Instagram Marketing Tips For Clothing Brands)

T SHIRT MARKETING STRATEGIES (POWERFUL Instagram Marketing Tips For Clothing Brands) 

written by Stephanie Rodnez


T SHIRT MARKETING STRATEGIES (POWERFUL Instagram Marketing Tips For Clothing Brands) 2019 ||

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Want to learn how to use Instagram to sell your Christian t- shirts online? Well stay tuned to the end of this video because I'm going to give you three strategies to utilize the powerful platform of Instagram to find buyers for your Christian t shirts.

Hey, it's your girl Stephanie Rodnez; Founder and CEO of Godlywoodgirl, Creator of the Godlywoodgirl School of Business and my purpose in life is to empower you with the resources you need to achieve your purpose in life. So if you are purposed to be a Christian entrepreneur and you want resources that help you get it done, make sure you subscribe to the Godlywoodgirl YouTube channel. If you're ready to use Instagram to be able to promote your Christian t- shirt business online. Grab your pen and paper we're about to dive in sis.

Relevant Hashtags 

So the first strategy to use Instagram to promote your Christian t- shirts online is to use relevant hashtags. Now when we are posting on Instagram hashtags are one of those keywords that people use in order to find content relevant to their interests. So for example, if you're looking for an Eric Thomas motivational quote, you might go to #Eric Thomas and pull up all of his motivational quotes. If you're looking for a hashtag fitness shirts in order for you to wear to the gym, you might do #fitness shirts to find fitness shirts to wear to the gym. You ought to be able to find hashtags that are relevant to your Christian t- shirt so that when people search those hashtags on Instagram, they can find your shirt. Now there's a lot that goes into hashtag strategy. And I'm going to do a further video on using hashtag strategy coming up. So make sure you subscribe to the Godlywoodgirl YouTube channel so that you can get that alert as soon as it comes up.

But really, what you want to do is find a hashtag that's not too competitive, but has a lot of search volume. To find hashtags what I usually do is I just go to the Instagram explorer bar, and I start typing in hashtags that have to do with my T shirt line. And when I find a hashtag, if it's between about 100,000 uses, or to 900,000 users per month, I like to really include those hashtags on my account. Post. But if it's less than 100,000, I tend to stay away from it. If it's more than a million, I tend to stay away from it. Because I want something that has a lot of volume but isn't that competitive when I post my content around it. On Instagram, at the time of this recording, you're able to use 25 to 30 hashtags on your posts. So for every single piece of content you put out promoting your shirt, make sure that it's utilizing those 25 to 30 hashtags. Now, currently, if you use the same hashtags on every single post, there's a rumor that Instagram will shadow ban you, Instagram CEO has come out and said that's not true. They don't shadow ban you. But just in case, don't use the same 30 hashtags on every single post back to back. Have a set of three or four different hashtags. So I have three or four different sets of 30 hashtags that I'll use and just rotate those around your posts so that you're still staying relevant, but you're not telling Instagram that you will spammer.

Another thing to keep in mind when you are posting content for specific hashtags. Make that content rather to the hashtag. Don't just post by my shirt hashtag fitness shirt. No create a post that talks about the best type of shirts where when you go to the gym, make sure the fabric is breathable, make sure the fabric isn't that great color is going to show your sweat stains, right so you feel embarrassed when you're at the gym and get a good workout. Make sure the fabric isn't constricted on your arm so that when you're doing weights, it's not going to rip. So give quality pieces of advice that have to do with your shirt has to do with your hashtag, but then put a little at the very end of it be like: “Hey, and if you want my fitness shirt that fits all of these criteria, make sure to click the link in my bio”.

Clickable Posts

The second way to use Instagram to promote your Christian t- shirts is something that just rolled out and that's absolutely incredible and it's by using clickable post. So recently Instagram and Shopify got together and had a baby and that baby's name is clickable post on Instagram. So basically when you're scrolling on your feed and this post comes up of this beautiful model wearing this beautiful t- shirt that you just have to have, and you click the post, it literally says shop now, and you can click through to that website's Shopify store and make the purchase right there. You don't have to go to a website to find the link. You don't have to dig around and say: “Where can I buy this shirt”? It takes you directly to the Shopify page. Incredible. It's absolutely incredible.

Now, I'm not sure if this feature has rolled out to everybody, but you do need to have a Shopify store in order for this to work. And Shopify does provide a detailed tutorial walking you through how to make those clickable links on your Instagram posts link back to your Shopify website. So Shopify has a free 14 day trial that you can use to try this out. So if you want to try this out, use our free 14 day trial and actually go follow through their tutorial in order to be able to link your Instagram post to your Shopify store. And if you get results, girl go for it. Yes, yes, yes.

Influencer Marketing

The third way to use Instagram to promote your Christian t- shirt business online. It is the most effective, the most powerful and if you have a budget of like 25 to 50 bucks, this is the route I recommend you to go and it is none other than influencer marketing. So what is influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is when somebody has an Instagram feed of about 100,000 200,000 or 500,000 followers, maybe even more and when they have that aggregated feed of followers of people who are interested in the types of shirts that you sell, when you pay that influencer to post one of their pictures wearing your shirt and saying: “hey, if you like my shirt, grab it on my friend's website here or grab it on this brand's website here”. Sis, influencer marketing is so powerful. It is the number one way that I've gotten a massive return on my investment this year so far.

I paid $50 to an influencer on Instagram who had about a million followers in order to shout out my feed that posts lead to about $200 in sales. Now a lot of this is going to have to do with average cart value if you have a sales funnel. If you don't have a sales funnel, get into the Godlywoodgirl School of Business. There, I will show you how to do it. You can get started for just $67. So make sure you get to the School of Business, but a lot of this has to do with you having a sales funnel. I do have sales funnels, but that's $50 less than $200 in sales sis. Where can you get that kind of return on investment for your money right now? It's insane. It's absolutely insane. The thing about influencer marketing is you need to do your homework. Not every influencer is created equal.

 Some influencers have paid for followers, so they have fake followers. They have ghost followers. And what that means is they're fake accounts. They're just fake accounts. They're never going to buy anything because they're fake. They're not real. So if you choose to do an influencer marketing campaign, make sure you do your due diligence. Check into that person's Instagram account. Take a look at their post. Take a look at their following count. Take a look at their posts. How many comments are there getting that are more than two words, if people are just saying nice posts? Hmm, maybe not so real. But if people are leaving genuine comments, genuine feedback, then you then you know it's actual it's not a bot. It's an actual person, right? So take a look at their comment to follow a ratio, take a look at their likes to follow a ratio. Go ahead and click on their followers. One of the greatest things about Instagram is it allows you to see people's followers go ahead and click on their followers, make sure that their followers are real. And you can tell if a follower is real if they have a real photo, or if they have a blank photo, if they have a real profile bio, or if it's just two words. I like the beach, you know what I mean? If they have a private account or a public account, and how many followers how many people they're following.

So one of the biggest red flags for me to see that a follower is fake is when they have like 20 followers and they're following 7000 people. To me, I'm like you are a ghost account. This is a fake account. And when I see a lot of those types of accounts on the influencer’s feed. I'm not going to pay for a post, I'm just not. So I have lost money on this before I was about to say the name. I'm not gonna say the name. But there was a certain Instagram account that had I think 150,000 followers, and they only charged so I reached out to them. It's not like they came about me I reached out to them. I found them by doing my hashtag research and doing my influencer research. And this was before I understood that people purchased followers on Instagram. I didn't know people did this at that time. So I was like: “Hey, can I pay you $25 to give me a shout out” and he was like: “Yeah, sure”. And what do I tell you? So he gave me the shout out. He did some other stuff, too. That was so beyond the scope of what $25 was worth. I remember thinking to myself, like why is he giving me all this stuff for $25 sis it was because he had fake followers and he felt guilty for taking my money. That post went out. It got maybe like one like he got zero comments and for a feed of over 100,000 followers that that's impossible unless all your stuff is fake. So I lost my money on that one, but it was a lesson well learned.

So if you're going to use an influencer marketing strategy, do your due diligence, make sure that there's actually engagement on their feed, check their follower to comment ratio, check their follower to likes ratio, make sure that they're actually engaging back with their followers. Also another thing check their posting schedule. So if they batch posts, like there is this one Instagram influencer that I used to post on all the time, but then I guess somebody else took over their social media. And instead of posting one sponsored post at a time, they started posting five sponsored posts at a time. If you know the Instagram algorithm right now, you know that you can only post one piece of quality content at a time because then Instagram is going to be able to evaluate the effectiveness of that post for the first hour and determine how far they're going to actually push it out to that audience. So if you have five posts at a time, you are dividing the algorithm’s ability to be able to show that content to your feed and you're diminishing the reach. So if I'm paying you $50 and you post five different posts at the same time, my reach is going to be like 1000 people, I can get that on my own.

If you've got a million followers, I would like to be able to reach at least 50, or 60,000 of your followers. But I can't do that if you're batch posting five posts at a time. So also take a look at their posting schedule to see how many posts are actually posted at a time. Make sure it's just one at a time, okay. And also, if you're using an Instagram influencer strategy, when you are creating your posts for them to be able to post for you make sure your post fits into the aesthetic of their feed. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is making your posts all about your stuff in your branding and your look, because their follower is used to their aesthetic. So when they're scrolling, they're not scrolling to see that influencers name, they're scrolling to see that influencer’s aesthetic so they can pause because they know that this is an account that they normally engage with.

So you want to make sure that your post fits into that influencers feed not the other way around. So if you're using any of these strategies, please post below. Let me know the strategy you're going try. Let's start a conversation because so many of you guys actually DM me on Instagram, asking me how to actually promote your Christian t- shirts on Instagram and that’s why I really, really, really wanted to record this video. If you're not already following me on Instagram, come on, join the conversation. I am @Godlywoodgirl on Instagram and you're going to be able to see daily devotionals, you're going to be able to see live streams where we read the Bible together, we pray together, we encourage each other and we are a community of sisterhood on Godlywoodgirl Instagram page. I'm hoping to recreate the same exact thing here on YouTube so make sure you follow me on Instagram. And if you're not already subscribed to the Godlywoodgirl YouTube channel, make sure you hit that subscribe button. My goal for this channel is for it to be the number one resource for every woman of faith who wants to live her greatest purpose for Christ as a Christian entrepreneur. And speaking of resources, if you want a plan to be able to help you launch a Christian t- shirt business, you know you want to launch a Christian t shirt business but you haven't you don't know where to start yet, make sure you get my free Launch Your T- Shirt Business Checklist by clicking the link in the description box below. Thanks so much for watching this video. Check out today's featured comment winner. Thank you so much. God bless you and I'll see you here at Godlywoodgirl.



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