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Hey sis, are you ready to learn how to publish your book online? Well sis, grab a pen and paper because I’m going to show you the four steps for how to self-publish your book online.


Hello, this is Stephanie Rodnez, Founder and CEO of Godlywood Girl and creator of Godlywood Girl Author Toolkit. My purpose in life is to connect you with the resources you need to achieve your purpose in life. In line with that mission, today’s video is sponsored by the Godlywood Girl Author Toolkit. It is my brand new online course where I show women of Christ how to write and self-publish their planners, journals, daily devotionals, and non-fiction books online. So, make sure you click the link in the description box below to check out the brand new Author Toolkit. It has helped so many women, all praise to Jesus! And if you are ready to learn how to publish your book, make sure you grab a pen and paper and let us dive in.


STEP 1: Choose Your Book Format


So, step one is to choose your book format. There are a lot of different ways that you can publish your book nowadays. You can do a Perfect Bound Book, which is when the spine of your book is perfect, solid, and flat. You can do a Spiral Bound or a Coil Bound which is when the spine of your book has a coil in it. You can do a Hardcopy book so it is a nice, solid book. You can make a book with a Dust Jacket on it. That is how I’m going to publish my upcoming Christian, fictional, romance book. I am going to be using hardcopy dust jacket, I’m so excited.


So, choose the kind of book you want to publish. You can do it as a pamphlet as well. There are so many options nowadays for a Christian author. It’s so exciting. Choose how you want to publish your book because that is going to determine where we go in step two.


STEP 2: Research Print-On-Demand Companies that Publishes that Type of Book


Now that you know what type of book you are going to publish, you are going to research print-on-demand companies that publish it. Print-on-demand means you only have to order one book at a time. You only order a book when you sell a book. It is an incredible business model. It is a business model that I use here at Godlywood Girl. It is what I teach my students in my Author Toolkit and it allows you to minimize the cost of having your book in inventory. This helps you to spend your money on marketing instead. This, in turn, is so much more important than having inventory sitting around your house, right?


Research different print-on-demand companies that publish the kind of book you want to make. But again, you want to know what book you want to make first. This is because you do not want to put your heart and soul into using a print-on-demand company just to find out they do not publish the kind of book that you want.


When you are researching these companies, you want to keep a few things in mind. You have to make sure that first of all, they do not require any Minimums. Minimums mean that they only allow you to order a smaller amount of books at a time. There is this amazingly gorgeous Planner Printing Company that I love. Sadly, they require you to order a thousand books. So, you want to make sure there is no minimum. Here at Godlywood Girl, I am allowed to order just one book at a time and I pay the same amount of money as if I ordered a hundred books.


The second thing you would want to look at is the Shipping Cost; how much they are charging you to ship those books to your customer. Some print-on-demand companies would tell you they have the lowest books. However, when it comes to shipping costs, they charge you $10 or $15 for one book. Take a look at the shipping cost and make sure it compares to what other print-on-demand companies have. I will not pay more than $5 in shipping costs. If you are trying to charge me more than $5 for one book, you are ripping me off. No thank you!


The third thing you need to look out for is Customer Reviews. What are the people who are using these print-on-demand services saying? How are they liking their service? Check their social media handles, check their mentions on Twitter, and make sure that people are liking this print-on-demand company. Print-on-demand is a really easy business to start nowadays. So, you need to make sure you are getting quality service and not putting all your heart and soul into a company that delivers nasty, smelling books. It has happened to me before.


Finally, the fourth thing to look out for is the cost of each book and the Quality of each book. Given this, you would have to order samples. I always order samples whenever I use a print-on-demand company. I always want to look at their Cost per Book depending on the page count. What I do is, if I find four different potential print-on-demand companies, I order the same type of book from each one. I will look at things like 100 pages, black and white, perfect bound, that kind of specifications. Just try and compare to see what the difference is. If they are overcharging you, move on sis. There are so many options to let ourselves get price gouged. There are a lot of companies, so make sure the price is comparable to other companies as well.


STEP 3: Design Your Book According to The Printer’s Specifications


Having chosen your print-on-demand company, go ahead and get that printer’s specifications and design your book accordingly. Every print-on-demand company has different dimensions, margin sizes, and even different bleed for the pages. They cut their books differently, shape their books differently as well as glue their books differently. So, you need to make sure you are designing your book according to that print-on-demand company’s standards.


You cannot just create and design your book according to your specs and go to the printer asking them to print it. It does not work that way. You have to design your book according to the printer’s standards. That is why you don’t have to design your book until you know who your printer is. They are going to tell you the exact dimensions you need to use to print your books correctly.

If you decide to hire a designer to design your book by going to which I do all the time for my business, that is fine. You just need to make sure you give them the printer’s specifications. You can either download the template from your printer’s company if they offer one, or they can just tell you the dimensions like the pixels, size of the actual pages, what the margins need to be. Take these numbers and send them to our designer that they design it correctly.


Then the designer has them delivered to you as a pdf copy of the book; correctly formatted and designed. You can then go ahead and print through your print-on-demand company.


STEP 4: Self-Publishing Your Book


Finally, once you are all done and you have your book designed correctly, you can go ahead and publish it. What publishing means is to make available for sale. That is all it means. So, whether you list it for sale on your website, Amazon, PayPal, or any of those platforms that let you list a book, go ahead and list it for sale.


Start promoting it using your email marketing strategies and your social media marketing strategies. When someone orders a book from you, you are then going to take some of the money they gave you, order it from your print-on-demand company and have them ship it directly to your customer. You have to price it such that you will have a profit after you order from the print-on-demand company.


This is a print-on-demand business module, is it not amazing? You only order inventory when you have made a sale. You don’t have to carry inventory around. You don’t have to spend money, buying and keeping boxes all over your house. You can only pay for the book when someone buys a book. So, go ahead and list your book for sale and you are all done.


Comment below and let me know when you publish your book. That is a huge accomplishment sis. It is huge and I am so proud of you. If you need help taking action on any of these steps, get into my Godlywood Girl Author Toolkit. I not only show you how to design and format your book, but I also show you my favorite print-on-demand companies that I use. I will also show you how to print your book according to their specifications.



If you’re like: “sis, I don’t want any more free stuff. I just want to know how to get my book done,” make sure to get my Godlywood Girl Author Toolkit. That is what I show you how to do so step-by-step. The link is also in the description box below.          


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Tip #2: Choose a printing company that works with your strengths.


Tip #3:  Take action on what you learn right away.  Don't learn these tips and just put them off. Take action, implement and make these strategies work for you.




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