About Us - Godlywood Girl


Godlywood Girl is a mission-based online business dedicated to empowering women of Christ to get unstuck, stop feeling frustrated and start living their God-given purpose as Christian entrepreneurs. 

As a self-published author, filmmaker and Purpose Coach, founder & CEO Stephanie Rodnez writes, creates and releases Christian romance novels, movies, online courses, and other informational products that connect you with the resources you need to achieve your greatest purpose for Christ as a Christian entrepreneur.


Godlywood Girl’s core vision focuses on connecting you with the resources you need to achieve God's greatest purpose for your life as a Christian entrepreneur.  Through our digital media and entertainment products, our goals are to:

  • Help at least 5 million women of Christ discover their God-given purpose as Christian entrepreneurs 
  • Connect at least 1 million women of Christ with the resources she needs to start an online business
  • Teach all women of Christ how to deepen her purpose-driven faith through the power of witnessing, praise & worship, prayer, studying the Bible, and meditation.

If you'd like to join the mission, get connected by joining the Godlywood Girl email list at purposegift.com.