Meet The CEO


Hey sis! 

It's your girl Stephanie Rodnez, founder & CEO of Godlywood Girl, and I want to officially welcome you to the Godlywood Girl website.

If you're a woman who loves Christ and wants to live His greatest purpose for your life as a Christian entrepreneur, then I created this website especially for you.

I started Godlywood Girl in 2013 as a way to help myself heal from the heartache and trauma of failing at my first business.

You see, I was a filmmaker creating movies for Christian youth groups, but a series of bad decisions and mismanagement led to me almost having to declare bankruptcy on my first business.

For two years I sat in depression from the failure of that business, until one day, a video by Dr. ET Thomas inspired me to get back up and step into my purpose again.

As a result, I got back to my God-given purpose as a Christian entrepreneur, and Godlywood Girl was born.

My goal with Godlywood Girl is to connect you with the resources you need to achieve your greatest purpose for Christ as a Christian entrepreneur.

Whether you're just getting started on your journey, or you're a seasoned purposepreneur in the biz, I want to welcome you to the Godlywood Girl sisterhood.

You are my sister, and I can't wait to connect with you online.  

Feel free to explore the Godlywood Girl website to find resources that can help you step into your purpose right now. And if you want to connect further, don't forget to join the Godlywood Girl email by putting your best email address in the box below.

Thanks for being here, sis.  I'll see you at Godlywood Girl.


Stephanie (Godlywood Girl) Rodnez