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Hey love,


Are you struggling to figure out how to create a marketing plan for your faith-based business online?


Then sis, my Godlywood Girl 3-For-$37 Marketing Bundle is just for you.


When I first started my business in 2008, I literally had no idea how to do my own marketing.


Sure, I would randomly post on Facebook and my blog hoping to get sales -


But it wasn't long before I realized I was making ZERO sales while trying to do ALL the things.


And because of that, I made a decision to license my movie to a distribution company so THEY could do my marketing for me...


A decision that payed off for them (they made $124,000 on my movie in 18 months)...


But that left me nearly bankrupt (they didn't pay ME a fair percentage of those sales).


And even though that experience nearly broke me, it created in me a drive to LEARN marketing.


To master the art of promoting my own products and services so I never again tried to rely on someone else to do the work God gave ME to do.


And that's how my love for marketing was born.


Since that time, the Lord has allowed me to use marketing to grow my YouTube channel to over 20,000 subscribers (youtube.com/godlywoodgirl), build my Instagram feed to over 30,000 followers (instagram.com/godlywoodgirl), and the best part?


Earn a living as a full-time entrepreneur.

To God be the glory.


And that's why today I am SO EXCITED to show you the exact strategy I use to not only create my marketing plan, but take action with it on Instagram and YouTube.


And that's why I created the

Godlywood Girl 3-For-$37 Marketing Bundle, an online course containing 3 of my previously recorded masterclasses to help you do your marketing.





The Godlywood Girl 3-For-$37 Marketing Bundle includes:

  • Class #1 - Master Your Marketing Workshop ($297 Value) - In this 60-minute class, you'll learn the method I use to create a marketing plan for my business step-by-step. You'll also receive a digital download of my 30-Day Marketing Campaign workbook.


  • Class #2 - YouTube Marketing Accelerator ($297 Value) - In this 120-minute class, you'll learn the method I used to grow my YouTube channel to over 20,000 subscribers.


  • Class #3- Instagram Reels Workshop ($297 Value) - In this 60-minute class, you'll learn the method I use to create Instagram reels that promote my business.


Sister in Christ, THREE classes to help you with your marketing -


Normally a $891 value -


For just $37!!  AHHHH!!!


But only for six hours today (offer expires today at 7pm EST - Sunday, June 19 2022).


So if you want to learn how to do marketing for your business -


And you'd like to use my 3-For-$37 Marketing Bundle to help you do it -



Click the add to cart button to secure your recordings now.


God bless you, sister in Christ! I can't wait to see the marketing plan you create!



Stephanie (Godlywood Girl) Rodnez