Sales 101: How To Sell A Product Online (Masterclass)

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If you've been struggling to learn how to make sales in your faith-based business online -

I've got something VERY special for you.

You see, when I started my first faith-based business selling Christian films to youth pastors in 2008, I STRUGGLED to sell my DVDs.

I would go to trade shows and networking events FULL of youth pastors -

But when I got into a conversation with them about what I did, I never (and I mean NEVER) seemed to be able to sell my product.

So I decided to dedicate myself to figuring out the selling process.

First, I "hired" a third-party distribution company to make my sales for me. They did a GREAT job - $124,000 worth of sales, in fact - but the problem was they didn't pay me my share of the profits. So I realized if I wanted to make sales in my business, I would need to do it myself.

So next, I decided to get a master of business administration to learn sales. Two years and $60,000 later, I realized my MBA taught me NOTHING about the actual selling process. I really wish I'd known that before I got started (lol).

So finally, I realized I needed to invest in actual sales training, materials that taught me the in's and out's of closing sales in my business.

I started reading as many books as I could about making sales -

Reading blog articles about the sales process -

Taking online classes that taught me how to sell -

And the BIGGEST way I learned sales?

Sis, I started attending actual sales pitches live, then breaking them down line by line to figure out the formula.

By investing my time and doing this over and over, I finally discovered a 20-part sequence to sales that I've now used to close sales in my business over and over again.

And for the very first time ever -

I want to show you how to do the exact same thing.

And that's why I recorded a brand new masterclass called Sales 101: How To Sell Products In Your Faith-Based Business Online.


In this 90-minute masterclass replay, I'll walk you through the exact 20-step sales letter sequence I use in my business step-by-step -

So you can learn the art of sales for your own faith-based business online.

The masterclass replay works like this:

In Session 1 of the masterclass, we'll go over the foundation of sales. In this session, you'll learn my fundamental principles to making sales online so you can learn how to close. You'll discover:

  • The difference between marketing and sales
  • The definition of sales
  • Different sales techniques you can research (and try out)
  • And so much more!

In Session 2 of the masterclass, you'll learn how to prepare to make a sale in your business. In this session, you'll learn the specific information I always research so I can set myself up to close a sale effectively. You'll discover:

  • The core of creating an effective sales pitch
  • The four steps to setting up your sales offer
  • How to create an elevator pitch
  • How to create your product offer
  • And so much more!

And finally, in Session 3 of the masterclass, you'll learn how to write your sales pitch step-by-step. You can use this sales pitch as the product copy on your website, as your presentation for a webinar, as your tutorial for a livestream, as your marketing copy for your TikTok, YouTube Video, Short or Reel -

The list goes on and on!

I've used this sales technique in speaking engagements, books, courses, emails, webinars, livestreams, YouTube videos... and soooo many other places.

It's honestly one of the BEST sales formulas in my opinion, because it focuses on the core concept of serving your customer a solution to his or her problem, rather than selling your customer something they really don't need.

And sis -

Since this class is already recorded (I taught it live last week to my Godlywood Girl University students), I want to take it out of the GGU vault and offer to you for a very limited time.

Not for $997 like some webinar trainings cost -

Not $297 like some sales letter trainings cost -

But sis -

I want you to grab my ENTIRE 90-minute Sales 101: How To Sell Products In Your Faith-Based Business Online masterclass, which teaches you:

  • Session 1 | Sales Funnel Foundations - Learn my fundamental principles to making sales online so you can learn how to close​ ($297 Value)
  • Session 2 | Sales Pitch Preparation - Learn how to prepare to make a sale in your business ($297 Value)
  • Session 3 | Write Your Sales Pitch - Learn how to write your sales pitch step-by-step ($297 Value)
  • TOTAL VALUE = $891

All of that -

For a one-time payment of $27 -


But sis, this sale only lasts until 9pm EST tonight!

After that, the class will only be available in Godlywood Girl University.

So if you want my personal step-by-step tutorial showing you how to create a sales pitch for your faith-based products online, and you want to snag the masterclass at this heavily discounted price before it expires –

Clink the add to cart button to get started now.

Thanks so much for your time, sister of Christ.

Here’s to us stepping into our God-given purpose in 2023.


Stephanie (Godlywood Girl) Rodnez