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Happy Sunday, sis!

Guess what guess what guess what?


Today is the LAST flash sale in my October series to help you start a faith-based business online!


And today’s flash sale helps you with one of the most important parts of starting an online business:




You see, when I released my first faith-based product on Amazon in 2008, I thought people were going to wake up in the morning and think to themselves - “I need to buy Stephanie Rodnez’s product on Amazon,” and then just magically find my product and purchase it online.



After weeks of zero sales, I quickly realized this was not going to happen.


I honestly felt a type of way about it, too. I questioned the Lord, asking Him why He wasn’t doing His part to make money in my business?


After all, I had done all the hard work to create the business, create the product, and put it online for sale, right?

Wasn’t it now God’s turn to let people know about my product so they could buy it?


I literally can’t believe I used to this this way. Smh lolol.


I’m so glad I asked the Lord, though, because our God is FAITHFUL, and He pointed me to a scripture I’d never seen before - Genesis 3:19.


And in that verse, God says that even though we sinned in the garden and got cast out, we still get to eat. But it’s by the sweat of our brow that we shall now eat.


That means before sin happened, I could eat the fruit without any type of labor. God would grow the tree. God would bear the fruit. All I had to do is reach out my hand and take it.


But after sin happened, we got taken out of the garden. And it was now by the sweat of our brow - our hard labor - that we can eat the fruit.


All glory to God we still get to eat! But it’s by the sweat of our brow, sis.


And that’s what marketing is.

It’s the sweat equity to tell people about your product and service.


It’s the work you put in get the awareness out about your product.


It’s the effort you make to let people know about this product or service God allowed you to create.


And it’s by the sweat of your brow that you will eat.


When I finally understood this important Biblical concept as it applies to my business, everything changed. I finally dedicated myself to understanding how to do marketing so I could eat.


At first I started with Google Plus, but when Google decided to stop pushing their social media platform, all my reach disappeared.


Then I jumped over to Periscope, but when Facebook decided to compete with this Twitter owned livestream service, my audience disappeared again.


So then I went to Facebook which worked GREAT in 2015. But after the 2016 elections made the Facebook algorithm change from pushing pages to pushing groups, my audience disappeared again.


I jumped onto Instagram and started using the platform to build my audience and driving traffic into my business.


And it was AMAZING.


I developed an Instagram strategy that I called “Search & Find” that I still use to this day, and it worked like a CHARM, all glory o Jesus.


I started seeing my email list grow, started seeing my sales grow, and finally found my tribe for Godlywood Girl.


But even though my Search & Find Instagram strategy worked really well for me, I didn’t love having to get on the Instagram app every single day to do my marketing.


So in 2019, I decided to add another platform to my marketing strategy that would let me be a bit more hands off -


And that platform is YouTube.


And all I can say is WOW WOW WOW.


Not only did YouTube bring me WAY MORE sales into my business than Instagram, but what I absolutely loved (and still love) about YouTube is that you can put the content out once, and it continues to work for you again and again.


In fact, some of the videos that bring the MOST traffic to my business today were created and posted in 2019!


So sis, if you’re like me and you’ve realized you must do marketing in order to get the word out about your products and services -


And you’d like the learn the EXACT strategies I use on Instagram and YouTube to do it (hint - it does NOT involve reels or shorts lol) -


Then today’s last flash sale in the October series is just for you.


And it’s my YouTube & Instagram Marketing 2-For-$37 Bundle.

This bundle begins with my Instagram Marketing Masterclass, which teaches you my Search & Find strategy that I use on Instagram to promote my products and services on Instagram (hint - it does NOT include reels lol).


With the Instagram Marketing Masterclass, you’ll learn my step-by-step system for how I use Instagram marketing to promote my products online.


You’ll learn:

  • Session 1 - Creating An Attractive Profile
  • Session 2 - Creating An Attractive Feed
  • Session 3 - Finding Your Legend Fans
  • Session 4 - Engaging Your Legend Fans

But that’s not all, sis.


Because if you’re like me, you’ll want to set up some evergreen marketing strategies (strategies that continue to work for you years after posting the content) so you don’t have to show up and do marketing every single day.


And that’s why this bundle also includes my YouTube Marketing Accelerator, a workshop where I take you step by step through my strategy for using YouTube to do marketing for your faith-based business online.


In the class, you’ll learn:

  • Session 1 - Understanding YouTube
  • Session 2 - Setting Up Your Channel
  • Session 3 - Creating Your Content
  • Session 4 - Growing Your Channel

Sis, these two classes are worth hundreds of dollars on the market, and that’s what you’d have to pay if you purchased these items from me separately.


But for our final flash sale of this October series, I’m offering my YouTube & Instagram Marketing Bundle for you for just a one-time payment of $37 -




But the flash sale is only today, October 23rd from 1pm EST to 7pm EST.


So to get started, click the ADD TO CART BUTTON to secure your bundle now.

I can’t wait to see your YouTube & Instagram marketing strategies!



Stephanie (Godlywood Girl) Rodnez