How To Find Your Purpose

How To Find Your Purpose

Learn how to identify your life passion so you can find your purpose and become the legend God created you to be! If you don't have time to watch the 5 minute video, the transcript is below. For a daily devotional written for millennial women of faith that will help you identify your passion, define your life purpose and create a strategy to make that purpose happen, check out the Unleash Your Legend daily devotional for women by clicking this link.

How To Find Your Purpose

Video transcript:

Hello Sister Of Christ! Welcome To Godlywood Girl University, Where In 5 Minutes Or Less We Answer The Questions You Have About Accomplishing Your Goals, Reviving Your Faith, Revitalizing Your Spirit And Unleashing Your Legend In Christ. In This Webisode We’ll Answer The Question: How Do I Find My Purpose In Life?

 Step #1 – What Do You Want To Change?

Grab A Sheet Of Paper And Pencil – Your Young Christian Joy Journal Or Godlywood Girl Prayers Of Victory Journal Also Work Pretty Well. Find A Quiet Place To Sit Where You Won’t Be Distributed.

 Now, Take A Moment To Reflect On Your Life And Think About Areas Where You’re Disappointed. What Didn’t Turn Out The Way You Wanted? What Do You Have To Do That You Wish You Didn’t? What Responsibilities Do You Find Frustrating? What Would You Avoid Doing If You Had The Choice?

Write All Those Activities Down. Maybe You’re Disappointed With Your Job Or Your Salary, Perhaps Your Education Or Your Expertise. Perhaps You’re Disappointed At The State Of Your Family Relationships Or The Relationships You Have With Your Friends.

Write All These Down, Because These Activities Clearly Indicate Where You Are Unaligned With God’s Will. After All, God Created Us Each With A Divine Purpose, So Unless It’s Spiritual Warfare, Discontentment And Feeling Unfulfilled Is A Huge Indicator That You Are Misaligned With God’s Purpose For Your Life.

Step #2 – What Do You Want To Keep?

Write Down Those Areas Of Your Life That You Wish You Could Do More Of. What Sparks Your Interest? What Are Activities That Make You Forget To Eat Or Forget To Stop And Use The Bathroom?   For Me That’s Writing A New Book Or Editing A Video. These Are Both Activities That Make Me Forget What’s Going On In The Rest Of The World Because I Love Doing Them So Much.

Step #3 – What Do You Do Well?

Your Gifts, The Natural Abilities You’ve Had Since You Can Remember, Are A Great Indication Of God’s Calling For Your Life. What Are Your Gifts? What Talents Do You Have That Others Lack? For Me It’s The Gift Of Encouragement, And The Gift Of Joy. For You It May Be A Knack For Teaching Or A Gift For Listening. Perhaps A Gift For Prayer Or A Gift For Healing. Write These Areas Down.

Step #4 – Tie It All Together. Look At The Items You Wrote In Step 2 And In Step 3.   Are There Any Items In Step 2 That Have Synergy With Step 3? For Example, When I Did This Exercise I Noticed That In Step 2, I Loved Writing, And In Step 3, One Of My Spiritual Gifts Was The Gift Of Encouragement. So I Put The Two Together And Realized Writing Words Of Encouragement Would Be Something I’d Love… Hence The Series Of Devotionals That God Allowed Me To Start Publishing.  

Take A Look And Write Down Which Combinations Move You? What Sparks Passion In You? What On That List Would Inspire You To Wake Up Early Each Day And Go To Sleep Late At Night Doing It? What Moves You? Motivates You? Feels Like An Impossible Dream To Make Happen But A Dream None The Less?

This, My Friend, Is Your Front Runner.

And Finally Step #5 – Bring It Back To The Lord.

Ask God To Confirm That This Is The Direction He Wants You To Move In. And If You’re Worried How You’ll Know His Response; Don’t Worry, The God We Serve In Heaven Knows Exactly How To Communicate With Each Of His Kids. For Some, He’ll Communicate Through The Bible Or From A Preacher’s Sermon. For Others, He’ll Speak In A Dream Or Send A Trusted Loved One To Give Us A Word.

For Myself, God Confirmed It Through Prayer As My Mother Laid Her Hands On Me To Pray For My Future. God Will Confirm Himself In Whatever Way He Knows You’ll Listen.

So Be Listening.

That’s It For This Webisode. If You Have More Tips, Advice Or Questions, Please Leave A Comment Below. For More Information About Living Your Purpose, Check Out The Unleash Your Legend Daily Devotional By Clicking The Devotionals Tab On Godlywoodgirl.Com And Selecting Unleash Your Legend. God Bless You Sister Of Christ, And Remember, #LiveYourLegend.

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