How do I achieve my goals in the New Year?

How do I achieve my goals in the New Year?

Learn how to set the right goals so you can live the legend God created you to be! If you don't have time to watch the 5 minute video, the transcript is below. For a daily devotional written for millennial women of faith that will help you identify your passion, define your life purpose and create a strategy to make that purpose happen, check out Unleash Your Legend.

How do I achieve my goals in the New Year?

Video transcript:

Hello Sister Of Christ!

Welcome To Godlywood Girl University, Where In 5 Minutes Or Less, We Answer The Questions You Have About Accomplishing Your Goals, Reviving Your Faith, Revitalizing Your Spirit And Unleashing Your Legend In Christ.

In This Webisode We’ll Answer The Question: How Do I Achieve My Goals In The New Year?

Step #1 – Write The Goal In Clear, Measurable Steps With A Timetable In Life. Instead Of Writing “I Want To Quit My Job,” Write “I Want To Launch An Online Business And Earn A Consistent Income That Covers My Monthly Personal And Household Expenses So I Am Able To Resign From My Current Job By December, 2016.”

Step #2 – Research How Other People Have Achieved That Goal. Online Search Engines Are A Great Way To Do That. For Example, If I Want To Launch An Online Business And Earn Enough Income That I Can Resign From My Current 9-5 Job, I Need To Go Online And Search “How To Have A Successful Online Business.”

Then I Need To Read And Read And Read The Different Strategies That Have Successfully Worked For Other People. Don’t Get Cheap On This Step. Take The Time To Really Outline Three – Four Different Ways Other People Have Successfully Made That Goal Happen.

Step #3 – Take Action. This Is The Hardest Part For Most People Because It Requires The Most Amount Of Courage. But The Only Way To Be Successful In Life Is To Do Something Different. So You’ve Got To Take A Chance, Do Something Different, And Execute The Strategy You Researched In Step 2 And Decided On In Step 3.

That’s It For This Webisode.  

If You Have More Tips, Advice Or Questions, Please Leave A Comment Below. God Bless You Always Sister Of Christ, And Remember, #LiveYourLegend.

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