5 Strategies to Overcome Excuses and Chase After Your Dreams

5 Strategies to Overcome Excuses and Chase After Your Dreams

Excuses are the kryptonite to every dream you and I ignite in our spirits.  Excuses are how the enemy talks you out of stepping into your purpose and living the life you know God has intended for you. 

That's why this week we're focusing on OVERCOMING excuses so we can step into our purpose, and today's blog comes from an article on "The Change Blog" about overcoming excuses and chasing after your dreams. 

Overcome Excuses so you can chase after your dreams. 

1. Does something scare you?

DO IT AFRAID.  Courage doesn't come from being fearless. Courage comes from being afraid and doing it anyway.

2. Does your dream cause you discomfort or frustration?

Work through the pain of chasing your dream - success is much sweeter than any challenge you have to face to get there. I hear this excuse the most when it comes to people going back to school. They don't want the pain of taking exams and writing papers and sitting through boring lectures.  But I ask you this: isn't two years of discomfort now worth the $100,000 paycheck you'll be making after you finish your degree? Or do you want to be stuck with the same salary the rest of your life?

3. Does living your passion cause you so much joy that you feel guilty about charging for it?  

I actually just had this conversation the other day.  God created you to LOVE living in your passion.  You're supposed to be doing something you'd totally do for free. But when you overcome that excuse and step into your passion, you get to be one of the lucky 2% actually getting paid for the talents and skills God put inside her.  What a blessing!

4. Do you tend to quit when the going gets tough?

Understand that the harder it is to accomplish your goals, the closer you are to success.  The enemy DOES NOT want you to walk in God's purpose for your life, because the enemy knows that once you're living your passion, you'll be shining the light of Christ everywhere you go.  

So the enemy will throw obstacle after hurdle in your way to get you to stop.  Here's the secret: when it gets difficult to continue working on your passion - WORK EVEN HARDER.  Because success is right around the corner.

5. Difficult to take the first step?

Don't feel bad - taking that first step is the hardest part for any woman of Christ seeking to live in her passion.  Taking the first step means you're stepping into extraordinary, that you're no longer settling for mediocre, that you're no longer the 98% who WAIT for life to happen - you have become the 2% MAKING life happen. And that's a scary thing.  But this all goes back to lesson 1.  

Courage isn't about being fearless, it's about being afraid and doing it anyway.  All it takes is you doing one small thing to get started - whether that be brainstorming what you'll need to accomplish your goal, envisioning what your life will look like once you're in your passion, or creating a strategy for crossing that finish line - just get started.  And if you keep a willing heart, God will lead you through the rest.

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