3 Steps to Overcome the Fear of Chasing Your Passion

3 Steps to Overcome the Fear of Chasing Your Passion

No matter how many times people act to the contrary, every single person on this earth wants to live a life of joy, passion and contentment.  No one wants to be stuck in a miserable 9-5 job where they can't be who they are and tap into their natural talents and abilities.

But that's exactly what life has in store for those people who never step into their passion. Because living a life of passion won't just fall into your lap. It's a conscious choice you must make to follow God's purpose for your life and chase after it with everything you've got.

What holds most people back from doing this are the 7 basic fears that come from pursuing your passion.  A summary of the top 3 is below and the original article can be found here.

Step 1: Ask yourself what's REALLY the worst that can happen?

Write down your answers and take time to work through them in your head.  Are those things really so bad? So your mom will be disappointed in you? Don't you think she'll change her mind once you're getting paid to do that which you love most?  So your best friend won't support you? Isn't the God you serve in heaven all the support you need?  So you don't have enough money in the bank?  Then work hard and believe harder in your ability to HUSTLE and God's ability to abundantly bless whatever you save in the bank to work on your passion.  The worst that can happen is never really that bad, because the God we serve in heaven will NEVER give us more than we can bear.

Step 2: Ask yourself what three steps you could take now to GET BACK ON TRACK?

You know that saying that everyone is 5 phone calls from the President? Well everyone is just 3 steps from living their passion.  Take a moment to sit and imagine what 3 steps you can take TODAY to get back on track to your passion.  Is it registering for school? Is it updating your resume? Is it going to a workshop? Is it buying art supplies?  Is it taking a music lesson? Whatever those first three steps are, write them down - AND TAKE THEM.

Step 3 - Ask yourself what you're putting off because you're afraid.

If success was easy, everyone would do it. But because success requires us to overcome our personal fears, it's tough to break out of mediocre and step into the purpose God created for us.

What are you putting off because you're afraid? What are you postponing doing? Make a list of these things and acknowledge what you feel is the worst that can happen if you stop postponing. When you're finished, DO IT AFRAID.  Remember, courage isn't about being fearless. Courage is about being afraid and doing it anyway.  The reality is that your worst fears are most likely never going to happen unless you MANIFEST those fears by continually expecting them to happen.  

Change your thinking.  See the SUCCESS in everything you're about to do. Focus on the BLESSINGS God has in store for you.

And get started.

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