How To Become Successful

How To Become Successful

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How To Become Successful In Life So You Live Your Greatest Purpose For Christ

written by Stephanie (Godlywood Girl) Rodnez


Hey Godlywood Girl!

It’s Steph Rodnez here for another Live Your Purpose Motivational Message, and this week I wanted to talk about “success.” 


Because “how do I become successful” is one of the most commonly asked questions I get as a purposeologist.

I totally relate to that question.  When I was an 18-year-old kid listening to almost all my mentors tell me I would fail as a filmmaker because I was too black, too female and waaaayyy too Christian to make it in male-dominated “Hollywood” (you can read the whole story in my book “The War Of Purpose” here) it was tough to believe I could really be successful in life.

But as I’ve gotten older and seen both HUGE wins and MASSIVE failures in my filmmaking career, I’ve realized one key thing:

Success has NOTHING to do with money, milestones or career achievements.

It has nothing to do with how many people you know or how many followers you have.

Success isn’t about outward materials at all.  How can I be so sure?  Because if success was about those things, there’d never be a rich person living with depression or a poor person who had a great day.

On the contrary, success is about this ONE thing, and I want to share it with you in today’s YouTube video here:


In the video, you’ll learn:

  1. How to become successful in life
  2. Keys to success as you seek your God-given purpose
  3. How to understand success in a way that is meaningful to you

And so much more! Be sure to check it out here:

[WATCH NOW] How To Become Successful In Life

In addition to the video, I also wanted to answer some of the commonly asked questions I get about “how to become successful in life.” Get in touch with me at if you'd like me to answer any other questions you have - I love hearing from you!

1 - What is success?

By the dictionary’s definition,  success is “the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.”  This is how a LOT of people in the world think too. They believe a successful person is someone who has a ton of money in the bank, expensive cars to drive and a big ole mansion to live in.

But learning how to become successful in life doesn’t start with learning how to attain wealth. Learning how to become successful in life begins with DEFINING what success means to YOU.

Lovely, I can tell you from first-hand experience that money does not equal success. If success were all about money, then why are there so many rich people who are depressed? Why do successful actors like Robin Williams take their own lives?

The answer: because success has NOTHING to do with money or the attainment of things.  Check out my video on YouTube to find out what it’s REALLY about here.

2 - Keys to success

According to best-selling author Stephen R. Covey’s book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” the 7 keys to success are:

  • Be proactive
  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Put first things first
  • Think Win-Win
  • Seek First To Understand, then be understood
  • Synergies
  • Sharpen the Saw

While I agree that these 7 habits are a GREAT way to be productive and effective, I don’t believe they are the keys to success.


Because again, success has nothing to do with what you get done. Success has nothing to do with what you’ve accomplished.  In my definition, success is a state of mind. It is a way of living.  And I teach you what that is in my YouTube video here.

3 - How to become successful in life

Now this is a very interesting question that I get asked a LOT at Godlywood Girl.  Amazing women email me and DM me every day wanting to know how to build an online business like God allowed me to do for Godlywood Girl.

But learning how to make money online is not the same as learning how to become successful in life.  Learning how to become successful in life is all about learning how to shift your mindset from a spirit of lack to a spirit of abundance.

And I show you how to do that in my video on YouTube, so be sure to check it out here.

That’s it for this week’s “Live Your Purpose” motivational message.   Have any questions? Email me at and let me know - I love hearing from you.


Here’s to your success,

Stephanie (Godlywood Girl) Rodnez


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