T SHIRT BUSINESS PLAN PDF || (How to start your own T-shirt business)

T SHIRT BUSINESS PLAN PDF || (How to start your own T-shirt business)

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T-Shirt Business Plan PDF || (How to start your own Christian T-shirt business)

Want a t shirt business plan pdf that WORKS? If you want to know how to start a tshirt business at home and need an amazing tshirt business plan pdf to help you do it, this article will show you my t shirt business plan pdf that I use whenever I start a new tshirt business online. You’ll know how to start a tshirt business online, and all the best tips for launching a Christian tshirts business so you can start selling shirts online.


written by
Stephanie Rodnez, Author, Filmmaker & Purposeologist






Hey sis,

It's Stephanie Rodnez here, founder and CEO of Godlywood Girl and creator of the Godlywood Girl Launch Your T-Shirt Business Masterclass, and if you want a T-Shirt Business Plan PDF that will walk you step-by-step through launching your own t-shirt business the way that God purposed you to do it, read this article to the end because you're going to have my exact step-by-step PDF guide that one of my students used to launch her very own t-shirt business just one month after learning it.  


Step #1 - Name Your T-Shirt Business

The first thing you want to start with is the Name of your T-Shirt Business, and the reason why I want to start with the name is that a lot of people launch t-shirt lines with no name. And if you have a t-shirt collection but you have no way to name it, then you have no way to brand it. You know and I know that everybody and their Mama got a t-shirt business nowadays, so you need to know what the name is of your t-shirt business so that you can brand it when you are doing marketing and promotions.


Step #2 - Understand The Purpose Of Your T-Shirt Business

The second thing that's very important is Understanding the Purpose of your T-Shirt Business. This is what's going to make you stand out from the crowd, this is what's called product differentiation in business. This is what makes you unique from all the other t-shirt businesses out there.

For example, for Godlywood Girl I create t-shirts that remind women of Christ of their power as the chosen daughter of a risen King. I remind women that they have purpose, that they are blessed, that they are purposeperneurs, that they can soar, they're courageous, that they will fight for their purpose. Those are the reasons that I create t-shirts, it's so that you can look down and remember, God has purposed me to do something really big with my life and I can keep fighting to do this. So, you need to know what the purpose is of your t-shirt business, because that marketing message is going to be what you use to communicate to your audience why they should actually purchase your t-shirts.

Step #3 - Product Research

The next step is Product Research. One of the biggest things that you can do as an entrepreneur is finding a really hot market, yes, but also find a hole in the hot market that you can fill. For me, one the biggest holes that I found in my market of Christian t-shirts - because there are like 40,000 people who search for Christian t-shirts online every single month, but the biggest hole that I saw in my market were t-shirts that empowered women of Christ to live their purpose. There are all these t-shirts about all these different things, but as far as uniquely empowering somebody to live for God-given purpose, I didn't see those t-shirts out there. That is the hole that my shirt business fills in the market. Do your product research, find out what other companies in your industry and in your niche are already doing t-shirts on, and then figure out what hole you can fill in that market. 


Step #4 - Market Research

Next we need to do Market Research. These are what your current customers want from you, because even if you find a hole to fill in your niche, now you need to know what your current customers want from your products so that you can fill that hole according to your customers' specifications. I just ask my email list 'Hey girls. I'm coming up with a brand new t-shirt line. What do you want for it to do?' And all the girls will tell me 'I want it to be sleeveless, I want it to be flowy, I want V-necks, I want scoop necks, I want wide, I want black', and they'll tell me what they want. Do your market research and ask your customers 'Hey guys. I found this hole in the market. This is what I'm going to fill with my t-shirt line. This is name of it. This is the purpose of it. What kind of shirts do you want?' And they will tell you and then you can design your t-shirt line based off of that.


Step #5 - Brand Board

Now that you've done your Product Research, now that you know the purpose of your shirt line, and now that you know what your customers want, you are ready to create what's called a Brand Board. This is kind of like a Vision Board but it's for your shirt. And what you're going to do here for your Brand Board is you're going to go ahead and put down all your ideas based off of your Product Research and Market Research, the branding for your company of what you want your t-shirt business to look like, what you want your first line of t-shirts to look like.

You can go to pinterest.com and pull images of really cool quotes and colors and things like that that inspire you, and that really fit the need of the data you gathered when you did your research. Put all your concepts in one place so it's kind of like your Mood Board, so when you start the design process or you hire a graphic designer to do the design process for you, you have a very solid idea of what you want to your t-shirt line to look like.


Step #6 - Final T-Shirt Design

Next up is our Final T-Shirt Design. You're going to actually create your designs for your t-shirt business. There are a lot of different websites you can use to design your shirts. I use canva.com to design my shirts. You can use Photoshop. If you want to hire somebody you can use 99Designs, Upwork.com, or Fiverr.com just to name a few. I actually recommend only starting off your t-shirts with about 4 different shirts because I have found that when I offer my audience too many shirts and too many options, they don't buy. They get too overwhelmed, so I scaled way down so only offered 4 shirts at a time rather than I used to offer 12 at a time.


Step #7 - Print Your Shirts

Once you have your t-shirt designs, now it's time to find your printer. There are a lot of On Demand t-shirt printers online that you can use, so just search 'on demand t-shirt printers online', take a look at what they do, get samples from everybody, see who has the best quality, the best shipping time, and make your selection. You're going to also want to compare prices as well. That's what I did, I tested about 4 or 5 On Demand printers before I chose my printer. 

The final part of our T-Shirt Business Plan PDF is your Launch Plan for your t-shirt business. A lot people will create a t-shirt business that's amazing and they never tell anybody about it. Don't do that! Plan your launch. Plan out how you're going to launch your t-shirt business, what your launch strategy is, when you're going to post.


The Next Step

    Now that you have an idea of what you need to do to launch your t-shirt business, I want to invite you to get my Launch Your T-Shirt Business Masterclass where I demonstrate launching a t-shirt business from scratch step-by-step.  You can learn more about the masterclass by clicking here.


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    Thanks so much for reading, and Jesus willing I'll see you in the next article.


    Stephanie (Godlywood Girl) Rodnez





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