T SHIRT MARKETING (TShirt Marketing Strategies For A Christian T Shirt Business)| Christian T-Shirts

T SHIRT MARKETING (TShirt Marketing Strategies For A Christian T Shirt Business)| Christian T-Shirts

T SHIRT MARKETING (TShirt Marketing Strategies For A Christian T Shirt Business)| Christian T-Shirts

written by Stephanie Rodnez 


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Interested in T-shirt marketing strategies for your Christian t-shirt business? In this video I'm going to teach you five t-shirt marketing strategies that you can use to market your Christian t-shirt business.

Hey it’s your girl Stephanie Rodnez; Founder and CEO of Godlywoodgirl and Creator of the Godlywoodgirl School of Business. And in this video, I'm super excited to share with you one of my favorite things to talk about, which is marketing! Marketing!! Marketing!!! Now, a lot of us entrepreneurs think that marketing is this super difficult, out-of-this world concept. I used to believe that as well when I first started my Christian t-shirt business. I didn't understand what marketing was. I thought it was just like, you know, putting your product out and then slapping up a few Facebook posts saying: “Hey, I got Christian t-shirt business want to buy one”? That's not marketing sis. So grab your pen and paper. Let's get started with Christian t-shirt marketing strategies.

Strategy 1: Fashion Haul.

So Christian t-shirt marketing strategy number one is to do a fashion haul video. If you are in avid YouTube consumer like me, I spent so much time watching videos here on YouTube. I love me some good YouTubers. I love me some good YouTube content. One of my favorite things to watch are fashion hauls. I love when girls go to Target, Ross, or to Marshalls and they buy all these good amazing things and they do a haul video which literally means that they take out the clothes and modeling the clothes for you showing you the clothes on camera. You've probably seen a few Fashion Nova hauls, I know fashion Nova definitely invest heavily into having influencers do fashion hauls for them. So fashion hauls are a real thing. And when you have a Christian t-shirt business, what is stopping you from doing a fashion haul for your Christian t-shirt collection?

 Find an amazing way to pair your Christian t-shirts with a pair of jeans, some jewelry, maybe a couple of accessories on your head and do a fashion haul video. Show people what it looks like to be wearing and modeling your Christian t-shirts. And when you upload that video to YouTube, make sure you optimize the video for YouTube. Name it Fashion Haul because that's what people are searching for. Put fashion haul in your tags, make sure you put fashion haul in the description box and make sure you backlink to other fashion haul videos that you really like. This will move YouTube to think: “oh, there's a correlation between these two videos”. And when people watch that video, yours can come up in suggested.

Strategy 2: Post your T-Shirt on your Instagram Feed.

The second marketing strategy is to post your T-shirts on your Instagram feed. Now this is actually a little strategy that I didn't even know until I was doing a livestream and found it about accidentally. So I post a lot of inspirational quotes and motivational quotes on my Instagram channel. I write daily devotionals for women and I publish one every couple of days. And some of those actual images come with a photo of me wearing one of my Christian t-shirts and then an inspirational quote right next to me on the image. So I'm actually posing in the photo just to show off the quote, but a lot of times girls will see the shirt in the photo and DM me and say: “Hey, Where can I buy that shirt”? I'm telling you sit it's crazy. “Oh snap. Okay, you can get up by going to Godlywoodgirl.com”. Create images of you wearing your shirt collection and post them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Include some sort of connecting content, don't just post the shirt and say: “buy my shirt”. Post what I like to call “lush social media content”. It is a content that really empowers, inspires and solves a specific need for a reader. And then they can see your shirt and be like: “hey, that shirt represents me living the lifestyle that I want. How can I get it”? This is a great way to promote your Christian t- shirts.

Strategy 3: Livestream

A third way to promote your Christian t-shirts, which again, was an accidental discovery. I didn't even know that this was a strategy until people started dming me asking me for my shirts. Do livestreams on Instagram on Facebook wearing your shirt. So I teach livestreams about how to live your God given purpose. I read the Bible every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on live stream. I teach purpose driven business, resources, and tips every Monday Tuesday Wednesday evening on Livestream. When I'm teaching, I wear my Christian t-shirts. I don't mention that I sell Christian t-shirts. I don't mention that I have my own Christian t shirt collection. I just teach amazing quality content that really helps women of Christ step into their God-given purpose. And guess what happens on almost every single livestream, somebody will dm me and say: “Where can I get that shirt”?

One of the most popular shirts that I have is the Godlywoodgirl purpose-preneur sweatshirt, and I have not done a single promotion for that shirt. Not one paid promotion at all. But people see me wearing it on Livestream and they're like: “Oh my gosh, that's me. Where can I get it”? And I usually send them a discount code to be able to get it as well. So wear your shirts on Livestream figure out what pain point you can solve with your business. You should know the problem your shirts solves before you launch your Christian t-shirt business. That notwithstanding, create a series of live streams that help people solve specific problems as it relates to your Christian t-shirts. Let them see that Christian t-shirt and be like: “Hey, you know what? I ought to get my shirt boo”. And then you can go ahead and send them a link to purchase your shirt.

Strategy 4: Influencer Marketing

Another amazing way to promote your Christian t-shirts online is to do an influencer marketing campaign. Now if you haven't heard about influencer marketing, it's pretty much one of the best-kept secrets on the block. Okay? Influencer marketing is when you find somebody who has built a very large audience on social media, whether that's Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or whichever platform that you're on. And then you ask them to wear your shirt, post in your shirt, or do a fashion haul including your shirt. Sometimes you can pay them and other times, they'll do it for free in exchange for free merchandise. So whichever way you want to do it, you can find influencers by just searching hashtags that are relevant to your industry. Take a look at the posts and when you search those hashtags that have the most volume, click on who posted it and usually that's going to be an influencer. Dm them and say: “Hey, I'd be interested in sending you some of my Christian t-shirts, would you be interested in showing on your actual feed”? If they say yes, great if they say no, all you did was lose the two seconds it took you to dm them in the first place. So this is a great strategy in order to promote your Christian t-shirt business.

Strategy 5: Giveaways.

And finally, strategy number five for your t-shirt marketing is to do a giveaway. Girl. Doing giveaways is such an amazing way to generate hype about a product. I had no idea that this was a thing until I started doing giveaways on my actual Instagram feed. And every time I would do a giveaway for certain products that next week, it would always sell. Always! Because like people were like: “Oh, this is amazing. This is amazing. This is amazing”. And then if they didn't win, then they go and actually purchase the product. So do a giveaway of your Christian t-shirt. Be like: “Hey guys, for the week of whatever I'm going to be giving away one Christian t shirt and these t-shirts mean blah. So if you want to be able to represent something like that, make sure you enter your name and the giveaway number be drawn a name out of a hat”. That's what I usually do.

I usually draw a name out of a hat. On Livestream on Instagram, but however you want to do it, do a giveaway for your Christian t- shirt and take a look and see all that interest generated. And then maybe you could even host a sale afterwards and be like: “hey, for those of you guys who didn't win, I'm so sorry. But you can go get a Christian t-shirt for 10% off, yay”! So that's it for the five marketing strategies you can use for your T-shirt marketing plan. Sis, please keep in mind, you want to be marketing your Christian t-shirt business. Let me tell you, most entrepreneurs do not do marketing, okay? They tell somebody about their business once and then that's it. That's not marketing. That's telling somebody about your business one time. Marketing is a systematic strategic plan to put the right message in front of the right person at the right time that they're looking for it.

If you want help creating really quality marketing strategies using social media marketing, come join me and the Godlywoodgirl School of Business where I teach you how to use social media to do marketing for your Christian business. And my love, if you're not already subscribed to the gospel YouTube channel, make sure you hit that subscription button. My goal for the Godlywoodgirl YouTube channel is for it to be the number one resource for every woman of faith wants to live her greatest purpose for guys. So if that's you hit that subscription button. And finally, if you want a free launcher Christian t-shirt business checklist, I've created one for you, right here, that's going to tell you step by step what you need to do in order to launch your Christian t-shirt business. So you can get it for free by going to bit.ly/Christiantshirtbusiness or by clicking the link in the description box below. Thank you so much for watching this video and Jesus willing, I'll see you here Godlywoodgirl.




A complete VIDEO guide on t shirt marketing strategies for a Christian t-shirt business.


If you want to learn t shirt marketing strategies for your Christian t-shirt business, this video will teach you everything you need to know.   


Learning t shirt marketing strategies for your Christian t-shirt business can be overwhelming, but in order to get where you want to go in life, there are only a few tips you need to know.  What are the tips on t shirt marketing strategies for your own Christian t-shirt business?


I'll go into detail about t shirt marketing strategies for your Christian t-shirt business and the keys to taking the actions necessary so you can understand t shirt marketing strategies.





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