HOW TO WRITE AN EBOOK (EBook Series For Christian Entrepreneurs) || HOW TO

HOW TO WRITE AN EBOOK (EBook Series For Christian Entrepreneurs) || HOW TO

HOW TO WRITE AN EBOOK (EBook Series For Christian Entrepreneurs) || HOW TO


written by Stephanie Rodnez


HOW TO WRITE AN EBOOK (EBook Series For Christian Entrepreneurs)|| HOW TO

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How to write an e-book, is that what you are searching for? Is that what you want to know? Stay tuned to the end of this video because I am going to give you 5 steps on how to write an e-book. That way, you can finally get on track, stop feeling frustrated, and write the story that God placed on your heart.

My name is Stephanie Rodnez, Founder and CEO of the Godlywoodgirl and creator of the School of Business. My purpose in life is to empower you with the resources you need to live your greatest purpose as a Christian entrepreneur. As someone who has written and self-published 26 e-books, I am here to tell you that you can do this. Don’t get discouraged, don’t get overwhelmed and guess what, you can do this for $0.

So, if you want to learn how to write an e-book, stay tuned to the end of this video and make sure that you subscribe to the Godlywoodgirl YouTube channel to get more resources to help you in your journey as a Christian entrepreneur.

Step 1: What Is Your Topic?

I cannot tell you the number of people I have seen who have sat down to write an e-book without knowing what it is about. One quoted: “Stephanie, I am just going to let my instincts guide me”. Sis… that is going to take you 25 years to finish that book if you do not know what it is about. Find out the topic of your book before you even start writing it. Every single book needs to be a solution specific problem. Whether it is a testimony, autobiography, or even if it is a non-fiction book. The problem that you solve is that you are entertaining somebody with that genre. As such, every single book needs to be a specific solution to a specific problem. Your topic needs to reflect that. Especially if you are self-publishing it on Amazon. Amazon is the world’s largest search engine for e-commerce products. You will have to make sure that the book is search engine optimized to show up when somebody looks for it on amazon. So, you will have to make sure that the topic of your book is a clear solution to a problem that people are looking for. If you don’t know how to do this, make sure you stay tuned to the end of this video that I’m going to put out on this YouTube channel. It is all about finding topics for your e-books.

Step 2: Write Your Book Outline

The second step is to write out your book outline. Once you know the topic for your book, you need to create an outline for that book before you start writing it. Many times, people ask me: “Stephanie, how were you able to write 26 books?” and my answer is: “Because I can write boos in literally 6 hours”. I’m not kidding. Praise that Lord Jesus, I can write a book in 6 hours. Do you know why? It is because I have an outline before I sit down to write. The way to eliminate writer’s block is to have a solid book outline before you start writing any book. That is how I can get a book written in 6 hours. I have my outline completely down. I know what is going to happen in chapter 1 and page 15 of chapter 1. I know exactly what is going to happen on page 23 of chapter 2. I know what the beginning, middle, and end of the book are. I know what testimonies I’m sharing, I know what examples I am giving, and I know the exact steps that I am teaching because I have a detailed outline.

Do not skip this step. Create a step-by-step outline for your book topic before you start writing it. Every single book needs to have a beginning, middle, and end. What is the beginning of the story? What is the middle of the story? What is the end of the story? I want your outline to reflect that for your topic. What is the beginning of the solution, what is the middle of the solution, what is the end of the solution?

That is how I want you to outline your book; in a story structure. As an example, if I’m writing a book about “How to Lose Weight”, I will never have chapter 1 as “Run 15 miles in the morning”. That is a ridiculous chapter 1. It cannot be the first step to losing weight because nobody I going to do it. It’s too hard. So, the very first step to losing your weight is to “Take Your Weight”. That way, you know exactly where your starting point is, and when you have reached your weight, you would know how much weight you have lost.

So, that could be heading for chapter one; measuring your weight. So, I start with the beginning of the solution to the problem and then I take them through the different stages to chapter 10, increasing the difficulty of the stages as they progress. As you build them, then maybe I can say that they should be running 15 miles a day. This is still a crazy idea because why will people run 15 miles a day? Well, people do that.  You will have to make sure that you have your book outline done before you start writing your book. This is how you eliminate writer’s block and how you quickly get your book done.

Step 3:

Once you know the topic, outline, and the exact content of your book, the next step is to sit down and write your book. Here is a little secret that I want you to use because the devil knows what he’s doing with procrastination. The enemy knows what he is doing by getting you to put things off till tomorrow. It used to happen to me all the time. I would be like: “Oh I know I should do this but I can do it tomorrow”. I would keep pushing it off and suddenly, 2 years had passed by and I had done nothing! That is the technique the enemy uses on so many of God’s daughters to keep us from living our purpose.

So, here is what I want you to do. As soon as you have your book outline, I want you to grab your calendar and I want you to pick two different days and schedule a 3-hour time block on each of these days to write your book.  Two different days of the week. It could be a Tuesday evening when the kids have gone to bed or a Saturday morning before the kids wake up. Three hours of Tuesday night and Saturday morning could be your schedule. That gives you 6 hours a week.

When you sit down, you are going to turn off your Wi-Fi, cell phone, and you are not going to be distracted by anything else. You are going to close the door, take rout the outline, and write that book. 3 hours straight. The reason why I chose 3 hours is that statistically, most of us cannot do creative work for longer than 3 hours. We need a break. After 3 hours, mush starts coming out. I have noticed this in my business journey.

If I’m doing something creative, I cannot do it for longer than 3 hours. I have to take a break. So, go all-in for 3 hours, set your timer, do not let yourself to even go use the bathroom. Sit down for 3 hours straight and write down your book because you have the outline. You know exactly what is going on in the book so you shouldn’t have any room for procrastination or a writer’s block. All you now need to do is to just write it out.

When you are working on your first chapter, do not go back to ix things, just keep writing. Keep on writing. I know sometimes when we are writing, we are like: “oh my gosh, this sentence doesn’t make sense”. Do not worry about your first draft. You are going to get the outline written in your draft as quickly as humanely possible. If you do two different blocks of 3 hours on two different days, you are going to be able to get this done because you are uninterrupted. You are spending 3 hours writing out content that is already done.

You are just taking action and writing it down. So, schedule that for yourself. This is a little hack that I use to get my books done so quickly. Schedule out those two, uninterrupted time blocks, 3 hours each, to write out your book so you can get that first draft done and completed.

Step 4

Now that you have written down your first draft, it is time to polish it. One of the little secrets that I learned from my screenwriter professor in college was to put down my script for two weeks, have a little breather from it, and come back to polish it. If you start to fix your book too soon after you have finished it, you are not going to see certain things. You are going to be too close to the material. You are going to get offended when people criticize it.

You will have to give yourself two weeks so that your mind can get fresh on the contents. That way, you can look at it with a fresh pair of eyes. So, write your first draft, put it down for a couple of weeks, and then sit down. Schedule for yourself another 3-hour time block and just polish your book. Go through it, fix those sentences, fix your story structure, fix your grammar, get your second draft done, and copyedited.

Do not publish your book before you copyedit it. Trust me on this, I have done it before. You do not want to have silly mistakes like “and” not spelled correctly. It is going to keep people from taking you as an author seriously. They will boycott the solution that you are trying to give them in your book and go like: she cannot even spell the word ‘and’ so am I going to take advice from her?” it is going to stop people from recommending your book to as well. So, make sure you copyedit your book.

If you are like me, I love writing but I hate copyediting, you can outsource your work. I was never good at grammar. If you are on my email list, you can see that I am not perfect n grammar. If you are listening to me talk, you can probably tell that I am not perfect in grammar. I do not like copyediting. I have found copyeditors on as well as I like to give them the work of copyediting while I write the first draft. It is totally up to you but makes sure you copyedit your work.

Step 5: Publish Your E-Book.

Finally, the fifth step is to publish your book. Sis that is it. You’re done. You can go ahead and publish it. There was no having to pay $5000 for this. It is just a matter of simply following the step-by-step process. That I sit, now if you want a checklist of this process so you can check things off and keep yourself on track, go ahead and click the link in the description box below to get my free “Write Your Book Checklist”. It will help you stay on track and get it done. When you write it, please come over to this YouTube channel and post it in this video that you wrote your book.

 I am excited to see more Christian writers come out and provide solutions to problems. This is because, a lot of Christians are looking to secular gurus and industry leaders for solutions to their problems when really, and they should be looking in the word. This is why I am so excited to see so many Christian authors coming out to share their solutions based on the Word of God. We need more of this. Let me when you publish it. I am more than excited to see your book. Do not forget to grab your free “Write Your Book Checklist” to help you stay on track by clicking the link in the description box below.   

That’s it for this video, God bless you but do not forget to subscribe to the Godlywoodgirl YouTube channel for more resources. I am so excited. I will be coming out with so many more “How to Write Your Book” tutorials and I am excited about it so make sure you subscribe, click on the notification bell and God willing, I will see you on the next video.                  







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Want to learn how to write an ebook?  If you want to know how to write an ebook and need an amazing step-by-step formula to help you do it, this video will show you my how to write an ebook formula that I use whenever I start a new ebook online.  You’ll know how to write an ebook, and all the best tips for writing your own ebook so you can get it done.   


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Next time you’re ready to start writing your ebook, this video will give you the step by step write an ebook formula to help you get started, and you’ll be set up with the tips for how to write an ebook sooner rather than later.



3 Major Points If You Want to Learn How To Write An eBook:


Tip #1: Make sure you write a book you're passionate about


Tip #2: Create an outline before you sit down to write the first draft.


Tip #3:  Take action on what you learn right away.  Don't learn these tips and just put them off. Take action, implement and make these how to write an eBook strategy work for you.




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