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positive thinking -

It’s a myth to think positive thinking happens as a result of external circumstances.  Happiness may happen as a result of other stuff - but that’s just a temporary emotion.  Motivation may happen as a result of external circumstances - that’s also a temporary emotion.

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fight for your purpose -

There are four steps to successfully living God’s purpose for your life:

  1. Find out what your purpose is. 
  2. Believe your purpose is possible
  3. Create a realistic strategy to make you purpose happen
  4. Take consistent action on that strategy each and every day.

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how to think positive, live your purpose, positive thinking -

About 5 years ago, I made a REALLY bad business decision that literally sank me into a depression so deep, I couldn’t escape from it. I constantly had panic attacks, I couldn’t see the good in ANY situation…

Have you ever felt that way?

Yeah, me too.

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the power of positivity -

God has literally CREATED you with the power of positivity.  He has literally created you with the ability to step into the purpose He intended for your life... But it's up to you to unleash it.

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how to get clear on your purpose, live your purpose -

Last week I tried going to a meeting without clear directions.  My client told me to meet her at the corner of "University and 184th," so I figured I could find my way.After 2 hours of driving around aimlessly and half a tank of gas used up, I finally called her, got the exact address, and used my Maps app on my iPhone to take me there step by step.Without directions, I wandered around aimlessly for 2 hours.With directions, I got there in 15 minutes.This got me thinking about my own path of purpose. How many of us wander around...

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